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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

An announcement

*clears throat*

It has come to my attention that some of my readers are being rather.....impatient.....(ummmm....Aarene....) waiting for the news I hinted at in an earlier post.

In fact, I'm rather nervous that my readers are going to start doing something perhaps starting to "dislike" my posts in Google Reader? That would be TERRIBLE. A tragedy really. The creative force has delicate feelings and too many negative thoughts might dry up this magical well that keeps spewing fabulous post ideas at me. (Listen to the "Help!" podcast of RadioLab and you'll get what I'm talking about). deference to the creative thingy that allows me to write inane post after inane post, I've decided to break the news early.

I'm getting a puppy!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes AareneX, a friendly, furry little puppy that I'll be able to throw at strangers lest they try and break into my house. Of course the ironic thing is that I'll be moving at the same time I get my puppy (which is why I can GET a puppy!) so it becomes a moot (mute?) point.

I WAS going to announce this when I got pics from the breeder this week (the pups were born 3/10/11), but instead you'all are going to have to rely on your imaginations 'cause there ain't no pics yet. Which is probably hard for you to do, not knowing the breed or anything. :)

The pup will be ~5 months old when I go to school in the fall, and will be able to travel regularly to school with me. There's a lot of good reasons to get a puppy now, although no time is perfect, but I'll leave my reasonings to another post.

Needless to say I'm very excited and a bit incredulous that *I* am getting a dog.

More details to come, along with pictures. There will *probably* be a naming contest. If you want to start getting your name ideas together, I tend to favor 2 syllable names that have a hard consonant sound, no "ee" sound at the end, and that have a black stallion theme (where to you think the names "minx", "farley", and "Alec" came from?). I'm historically horrible with names and the best ones always come from someone else. I had a black and white cat as a child named "Panchromatic" (Pan - for short), courtesy of my mother. I don't like names that I typically associate with people names ("James", for example is out). I'll need a name by May 1st - details (as is becoming a theme in this post) to be announced later.



    I'm good at naming things!

    Uh, could you at least tell us the breed and gender, and maybe color (if it's a breed that has a lot of those)?

    Off to the bookshelves to take a look at Black Stallion naming traditions....

  2. The Blood Bay Colt (1951) - Veteran harness race driver Jimmy Creech.

    I'm voting for "Creech". ~E.G.

  3. I love the name Alec. My sentiment is from the Black Stallion, but I also just like the way the name sounds. I feel like it is an auditory surprise when it ends in "ec" instead of "ex".

    If you will accept the human name Alec, what about "Walt"?

    This name would also work if you are a LOST fan. And if you are, how about Desmond or Hugo?


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