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Friday, March 18, 2011

A bonus favorite

An item that could have easily gone into yesterday’s “favorite things” post I deliberately left out so that I could give it more attention.

On ridecamp a few months ago, Steph Teeter from asked for suggestions of what to include in a horse record for endurance – a training journal of sorts. My ears perked up – I like having training journals, and sometimes it isn’t possible to find something that accommodates all my needs and I end up making due. I put in my suggestions and waited to see if something came of her project. Thus when I saw the announcement that she was putting some up for sale, I got my order in right away!

I love the chance to support fellow endurance riders when they have innovative, useful projects so was very excited.

After some shipping problems (USPS’s fault), Steph sent me a second journal (excellent customer service) and it arrived yesterday (after still more problems with USPS….sigh).

I had expected the cute little cartoons and customizable pages, but didn’t expect a decorated binder!

At first I decided to just start with the month of March (the calendar pages are blank so that you can start whenever in the year you get the book), but I decided to go ahead an input everything from the first of the year so I would have everything in one spot. Everything that I track fit nicely into the journal.

I ordered the journal before 20MT and when Farley came up lame, I felt bad – I had bought this nice little journal to record our progress and now I was barely going to have any rides or miles this year! But then I considered that during rehab it’s more important than ever to keep good records and observations. I may not be racking up the miles in the little charts that are included, but the charts will help me keep on track and make sure we don’t too much too soon.
If you would like to chance to win one of these journals, Funder (It seemed like a good idea at the time….. – see my blog roll for the URL) is giving one away as part of a contest. The deadline to enter is THIS FRIDAY – as in TOMORROW. So head on over see if you can win one!

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