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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Random 20MT musings

As I reread my 20MT story I wince because there's some serious verbage and grammer issues, but it always takes about 5 days for my brain to shake out of a 100 mile daze - so it is what it is :)

I forgot to include lots of interesting things that happened -

Like the fact I rode the last loop without a helmet! It was going to be really cold and I wanted to wear my head thingy that would keep my face warm. It's the first time I've not worn a helmet at an endurance ride. I don't advocate it.....but it was definitely one of those moments where I had a choice - risk freezing to death, or risk being a vegetable. Still not sure I made the right decision, but I'm neither a vegetable nor a popsicle, so the ending is a good one (this time).

Or that they rerouted the trail at the last minutes (as I was leaving vet check 1) and ended having to ride the section of trail from hell anyways - and it wasnt' that bad. Actually, it was just as bad as I remembered, but very doable since Farley is just so much better now, and it wasn't as wet as last year. No more nightmares about doing that part of the trail!

Or that my aunt at the last minute was able to come crew for me, which was perfect because Crysta wasn't able to leave nevada.

Or how I ended up having to take care of myself at dinner, due to being TWO hours ahead of schedule and my aunt at the vet check behind me, unaware she had missed me. And I did OK. I was able to take care of myself AND my horse during a check - a first for a 100.

For those of you that are still on the great "100 mile food hunt" - this is what worked for me during this ride:

Day before -
granola with banana chips
homegrown/grass fed steak
ramen with an egg
Pasta salad that was made with orzo, crab, olives, mayo
animal cookies (the pink and white ones with sprinkles)
miniture butterfingers
other stuff I can't remember - I snacked ALL DAY. :)

Day of the ride -
instant oatmeal (Suprise! Farley likes this too... :) )
instant miso soup with noodles
miniture candy bars - mostly butterfingers
Pay days
Nature valley granola bars
More of the pasta salad as described before
cheese on corn tortillas with hummus (this was YUMMY!)
animal cookies as described before
Canned pineapple chunks
mac and cheese with tuna (ate after ride - didn't go down well and ended up throwing it out).
plain yogart with chopped almonds and cinnamon

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