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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Naming Game

Due to yet MORE whining, apparently I need to divulge even MORE details before I can send you’all fabulous pics.

And really, what’s the point of holding back information except to be spiteful because I’m ignoring my wonderful PLAN. (Plan = posting pic of my darling puppy and saying something to the effect of “look what I’m expecting!”, or some such silly nonsense, and not releasing ANY details ‘til then).

Although to be absolutely truthful, I’m bad at keeping secrets. Really bad. When I buy xmas presents I want to give them to people RIGHT away. I have a bottle of port for my mom for Mother’s day and do you think I’m going to be able to wait until May? Ummm……it’s going home with my father this weekend when I see him at an event. So is it really a surprise that I couldn’t hold the details of the puppy back for one more second?

Puppy will most likely be a male. Breed is a Brittany (which I would like to point out are NOT spaniels). I’m not sure what color it will be. The mom has “orange-ish” patches, and the dad has chocolate/black patches.

The dog *might* hunt with my boyfriend, we *might* dabble in some agility, but above all will be a companion.

The rules of the naming game.

A list of updated names will be kept on a separate tab/page of the blog.
See my previous post for my preference in names.

In addition to black stallion references, I’m really fond of any classical literary nods.

All names for consideration must be submitted by April 24th.

I will decide on a name by May 1st.

There will be a prize.

If I can’t decide on a name, I will set up a poll. There will be consolation prizes if your name ends up in the poll but I don’t pick it. I might not go with the winner of popular vote. Just sayin’.

You can enter contest by commenting or e-mailing or Buzzing me.

Name *should* be distinct from “Harley” and “Reed”, the other two dogs of the household. But I’m not promising anything – after all Farley was an established member of the household when the (not my) decision was made that the German Shepherd HAD to be named “Harley”. So if I like the name, I’ll probably go with regardless!

Name can’t sound like a swear word: ie “bandit” – when screamed across a field under stress.

You can enter as many times as you would like.

I do have a list of names I came up with a couple of days ago (maybe 8 or 9). I'll wait to post any of those names until after 4/24/11 in case any of you come up with the same names - thus giving a reader credit. I don't think I'm in love with any of them (as evidenced by the fact I can't remember any of them a couple of days later), but who knows once the final list of names is compiled?

About half way through the contest I will go through the list and nix any that I'm not considering. That should give you'all a chance to submit additional names if you want to stay in the running if all your names get nixed.

The names do have to pass the "Matt stamp of approval" in some fashion.....After all he let me choose between two names for his new puppy and thus we avoided a dog named "Beamer" (thank goodness...)


  1. First entry: BONFIRE!
    because you know I have to nominate Walter Farley's standardbred. Also, the color is likely to be about right on.

    "Bonfire" can easily turn into Bonnie (for a female) or Fire, which is cool to shout across a field, except when those Civil War types are around and armed!

    I'll keep looking.

  2. Here's some more:
    * Ramsey. Call him Ram. It doesn't sound *too much* like "damn" when you holler it.

    * Napoleon, if it's a bossy dog (I've known a couple of Brittanies, they can go either way). Not easy to shorten, though.

    * Jôhar, if you can figure out how to pronounce it.

    * Cyclone, which can be Cy if you're in a hurry.

    * Pepper. Not very interesting.

    From other books:
    * Fledge (the flying horse in one of the Narnia books)
    * Gunpowder (from Legend of Sleepy Hollow, an excellent name for Civil War reenactors!)

    * Fly (from The Sheep-Pig)
    * Gator (just because it would be crazy-fun to name a Brittany that)
    * Jip (from Dr Doolittle)
    * Padfoot (from Harry Potter)
    * Searchlight (from Stone Fox, a great name for a dog who goes along on training rides!)
    * Beatrix Potter dog names: Bob, Gypsy, Postboy, Stumpy and PIRATE!
    * Iredal, which is my WV

  3. I can't wait to see pics! Name games are fun...
    Can't think of much this time in the morning though. All I got is:

  4. I'm terrible at secrets too ;)

    I say go with Grizzle. As in the dog from Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway.

  5. Ah, I thought we had decided on Natas! If you won't call him Satan...THAT doesn't sound like a swear word.

    Though I guess you would have problems with saying "I love Satan, I just LOVE my little Satan!"

  6. I'll play!

    How about
    • Nelson
    • Marlowe
    • Wilson
    • Huggins
    • Chester
    • Fullerton
    • Wilshire
    • Herbert aka Herb
    • Victor Hugo aka Vic

    I'll think of some girl names next ;)

  7. Wow I cannot come up with name but I love the name grizzle that dom suggested...lots of good names!


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