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Monday, April 25, 2011

I get brought down.... a golden retriever.

Yep. A fractured radius later, I can officially say I'm getting old.

Doing sprints on the track. Reed decides he'd rather be with me than
matt and runs toward me. matt is calling him thus my plan was to
totally ignore reed and continue running. Thus a 70 pound dog hit my
legs perpindicular to my direction of travel. What ensued was a bit
like a cartoon character-a cloud of dust, tangle of legs in the air
and me crying on the track UNABLE to get up. Did I mention I was
sprinting with the OTHER 70 pound dog? May have complicated things.

My (already broken) tail bone and (already twisted) pelvis took most
of the brunt ( no worries, I draw the line at posting butt hemotomas
pics online - I think), but not before my right arm got into the action.

I'm lucky-it's in the elbow and I'm fortunate I probably wont have to
do surgery. Reed is 9 months old and up until this point has had
perfect recall and off leash manners, however I don't think me and
matt have ever worked him off leash while we were doing totally
seperate things. Poor guy. Both dogs stayed with me in a down stay
until matt got to me.

How ironic that it isn't a horse that gets me but Mr. Prozac puppy -
"the wellbehaved one"?

FYI I should start a list of impossible things to do onehanded with
your left hand if you are right handed.

1. Put in contacts
2. Put hair up in a pony tail (matt got to do this for the pic)
3. Take tight pants on and off
4. Tie shoelaces
5. Operate zippers


  1. Ouch! Sorry to hear you got hurt. What an epic way to do it!

  2. What!!! Oh my. You're the first of the kids with a broken bone. Just like Pa and his broken arm back then.

  3. Yikes! What a way to get hurt. It sounds like you'll be recovering right alongside Farley. I guess you'll be wearing lots of sweatpants/gymshorts and your glasses. (Just don't go buying any of those velcro sneakers!) :) Hope you heal quickly.

  4. Ow!

    (now is your opportunity to learn to be a lefty, I guess...)

    Heal up quickly!

  5. Well, at least you have a good story to tell about how you did it. RE shoelaces, Sketchers make some cute slip-ons, and now you have an excuse to wear comfy yoga pants for the next 6 weeks. I hope you heal quickly!

  6. Oh...Mel! Heal up soon. I've fractured myself twice now and that was twice too many. ~E.G.

  7. Oh no! So sorry that your dog encounter resulted in injuries - who knew Goldens could be so dangerous? Here's hoping for a quick recovery.

  8. Old???????

    Wahahahaha I have riding tights older than you.

    Heal quick

  9. OMG you poor thing. Sounds like a typical retriever injury though! All love, no brains whatsoever.

    Get some of these things for your shoes. They're awesome! Triathlon laces

  10. Wow, um ya, at least you dont have to add not being able to ride to your list.
    Matt would have had fun doing that for you hee hee.

  11. Damn girl. Whatever you do, don't start a contest with another e-rider for most ER visits in a ride season! That's one contest you don't want to win, regardless of the cause.

    Heal fast and well!

  12. You have not yet even begun the list of things virutally impossible to do with your left hand.

    Ah well, you aren't living life fully if you can't count a couple of broken bones along the way. (That sounds better than "Boy, I really screwed that up!")



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