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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Meet the puppy

May I introduce you to......the new puppy.
She tugged at my heart strings ever since the breeder told me she was the runt and different, and she was looking for the right match for this particular puppy.  However, we werent positive that the personality was a match (too young to tell) and there was a concern that she might be deaf based on her color.
Now, at 30 days, she's a runt no more!  She is NOT deaf, and her personality is a better match for me than any of the boys. 
She's definitely different looking for a britt - she doesn't meet breed standard and I've been asked to spay her, which I will happily do.  I'm not usually a fan of the overly white dogs, but there's something in her eyes and her two toned nose that I really like. 
I've decided on a name, but as I don't have the energy (still dealing wtih a cold and/or massive allergy attack) to properly give accolades to the winner, so I'm holding off :) 


  1. I just want to squeeze her! .. she is sooo cute.. congrats! How will this work out when you are in school??

    I think she looks like a Mia..

  2. Oh, she's ADORABLE!! I can't wait to hear the name
    I Luv me a rubber puppyness

  3. SO totally adorable. Cannot wait to see/hear more!

  4. Ooooh, ADORABLE! Does she make the happy puppy noises still, or is she already past that stage?


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