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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank you the anonymous person who decided that since they were leaving the parking lot early, they would put their parking pass in the mouth of the dispenser. It made me day that I didn't have to pay $6 for parking - especially as I was feeling extremely sorry for myself (poor me....) for no good reason at all.

Little acts of kindness. They matter. More than likely, it will come at the right time for the person that is helped.

We've all heard the stories of people who pay for the person behind them at fast food places. Recently I read an article suggesting an alternative to giving to national charities - this person picks situations in the local newspaper and then anonymously gives as they are led. It's not always about money and it doesn't have to require an enormous amount of time or even any personal contact.

This weekend, do something random. Pick up the litter in your street. Ask your neighbor if you can mow their lawn since you are doing yours anyways. Ask an incoming person at the grocery store if they would like the coupons you didn't use on your trip. Let some one go ahead of you in line. Mail 10 bucks to a niece that you are especially proud of that's in college etc and working hard - and then sign the card anonymously.

It's good for the giver and the receiver.


  1. Isn't it amazing how one little act of kindness can change your whole outlook for the day. I try to 'pay it forward' as much as possible. Grocery store clerks who have had to deal with grumpy customers always get at least a smile and a friendly greeting from me. :)


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