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Sunday, January 13, 2013

An update on Melinda! (Good)

Three days after the accident I'm feeling better! Just like the Urgent Care Doc said. :) How do I know I'm feeling better?

1. I started reading my Tahoe Rim Trail book last night and this morning started making a gear list for my trip this summer.

2. I made Connor a bunch of foraging toys and bowls for his food today instead of simply throwing his food into dishes and calling it good.

3. I didn't feel like sleeping all day and actually got out of bed before 8am and made coffee.

4. I'm actually bummed that there's no way that I'm going to be able to spend anytime in the saddle this afternoon. Doc said 7 days after I stopped showing symptoms like headache etc. so I figure that I shouldn't be riding any earlier than next weekend --> especially because Farley is likely to be a bit "naughty". >:)

5. I'm talking and laughing and singing again (generally being annoying to the other people in the household) and not conserving my words. My brain is starting to speed up until normal.

Before today thinking about complex ideas, the idea of typing or writing anything, or doing anything physical was a bit foreign to me. "WHY would anyone want to do anything but sit here and think simple thoughts such as 'ice cream is good and vanilla is better than I remember'?"

That isn't to say every is totally back to normal. I have a really hard time multitasking still and get distracted easily (it's like my shiny object disease on steroids, except instead of it being a delightful, fun distraction, it's more like a old person I-can't-remember-what-I-was-doing-or-why-my-ipad-is-in-the-laundry-basket type of distraction.....

Do you want to hear a Jonah Story?

Jonah has been living in the bathroom for the last 6 or 8 weeks until someone decides to foster him (I thought I had a foster home for him, but I think she is rethinking whether or not she can do it with her schedule). He's a bit.....fatter than he went in --> I guess that happens when you live in a mobile home bathroom and don't get any exercise.

A couple of days ago I found him out side. brother had his wisdom teeth out and his friend is taking care of him so maybe with the commotion he got out. Back into the bathroom he went. Tristan sweared innocence (rightly so since he at that point was horizontal only) and the friend claimed he was out when he got there. Hmmmm......

The next morning he was out side again. What the????????????

Started inspecting the bathroom, since I have not learned of a cats ability to walk through walls in school (maybe that comes in the next block?) and found out how he got out side.

"Dear Parents/Landlords/Property owners: The front bathroom no longer has a screen. Your 20 pound cat that I am kindly looking after for you somehow managed to get out the window that is located above the shower, near the ceiling by a yet unknown mechanism, since I have to get a stool and reach to my full height to reach this particular window. Once latched onto the 6" by 18" screen opening, he then managed to squeeze his fat out of the crank open window that was open no more than 3" for ventilation. Then, like a flying squirrel, I'm assuming he took a leap down to the ground, which is at least 12 feet down, using his enormous fat pads to cushion the fall with no ill effects. "

Anyone interested in fostering this cat need not contemplate the full situation too deeply. He's "inventive", "motivated", and "problem solving". Not, "destructive", "cunning", and "nothing-stops-me-from-getting-what-I-want".


  1. Just be glad he made it out instead of half making it. It could have been a sight to have seen the results of that when you got home 10 hours later.

    If any potential fosterers were interested, it would only have to be until we were in the new house.

  2. That's the Jonah I know and love! I would back that cat against anything that comes through the vet hospital where I work, dog OR cat.

  3. Mel I cannot stop laughing. I am in the break room at work and everyone else thinks I am nuts. :)


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