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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Things more interesting than studying for the onco test tomorrow

Proving that I don't make this sh*t up


Playing with the cat

Doing house work. The house is by no means clean, but the dishwasher is at least running. And it distracted me from looking at onco for a whole 20 minutes.

Deciding to demonstrate how big Jonah actually is. You can see the pillow that Reed decided to destroy in the background. My new found interest in housecleaning did no extend to the living room. Only the kitchen. Because that's what is in front of me when I "study". Connor is in a cage to my right, in the dining room, where he can watch me study through the partial divider.

Making Conner foraging toys, watching him use them, and then watching him take a bath.

-Today he got paper packets filled with pellets and seeds strung on a bamboo skewer, a modified cat ball on a string with millet, a rice cake on a string, a "birdie vegge roll" with his fresh veggies and grains in an egg roll paper, and a foraging bowl with pellets in the bottom and dried pasta and toys on top.

Giving dogs big whole uncooked ribs. OUTSIDE.

Dentist appointment


Back to Onco. *sigh*.



  1. That's a pretty fair sized lynx you have there...


  2. That first photo made me do a double take.

  3. Wow...I hadn't realized that he managed that without the little shampoo baskets to hold on to as he clamored up. Maybe you could arrange for an "escape in progress" series of shots?

  4. you are SO making this sh*t up. now get back to studying.
    - The Equestrian Vagabond


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