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Thursday, January 10, 2013


I'm sure that you came here looking for some wonderful "cliff notes" version of vetmed onco, similar to other blog posts that I've had in the past.

Sorry folks. I've never been so at risk for sleeping through an entire block at school. I can NOT make myself focus my eyes on the overhead or the instructor for more than 10 seconds. If I had to score my interest level on a scale of 1-10 I would be somewhere in the neighborhood of negative infinity. In fact, the only way I'll probably end up passing this block is because I have a friend that is THRILLED with the subject that sits me down in small rooms in regular intervals and forces me to do interactive study sessions where I'm not allowed electronics -- only pen and paper. And I'm within throwing distance of the dry erase marker if she catches me doodling.

So, instead of providing an entertaining looking into vetmed onco, I will instead direct you to a far more entertaining way to learn about onco --> through the book "The Emporer of All Maladies: A biography of Cancer". I'm listening to it as an audio book on my commute, and as I sit here another friend sitting in class is reading it on her computer during lecture after my recommendation yesterday.

And that is all I have to say on the subject of onco. Only Naps Can Occur.


Catching up on some Google Reader stuff and liked these post well enough that I briefly contemplated doing posts on them.....and then came to my senses and decided that I would just post the links here and let some one else post their thoughts if they wish.


a subject near and dear to my heart and one I saw published in magazines several times over 2012:


This could be a fun way to break up some of my runs:


Nice to know that even though I've read that the morning may be the best time to exercise, that there is some evidence that afternoon exercise has its place too.....


Funny how similar this article is to my "change one thing" post


Couldn't agree more with the thoughts here on reporting horses to SPCA. The unfortunate "law" of unintended consequences.






  1. Last link should be an equestrian ink link. Going to go find it now.

  2. Working at a vet hospital like I do that has an onco department....I have to say I agree with you on the subject. Part of the reason I find the subject so droll is that I don't see the purpose for it. I mean, I know that to a lot of people, their pets are like children to them, but chemo in dogs isn't curing them, they don't hit it hard enough. It just prolongs the life for a couple of months (usually), so it really comes down to people unable to let go and spending more than my monthly rent is every week to keep their animal going a little longer. Also, onco clients are our craziest ones lol


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