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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guilty confessions

I let my bird, Conner, sleep with me the other night.

I didn't turn in a scholarship application this year because I was too tired and wanted to go to bed at 8pm.

I didn't write down the rather big spoonful of icecream I had in the myfittnesspal diary the other night

I'm secretly proud that Tess is a problem solving puppy and has learned how to open the vault food container, jumps on the counter to try and get her favorite toy, and can snarf an entire piece of pizza that is my entire lunch and not puke.

Anyone else have something they want to get off their chest?



  1. I have nothing that even remotely compares with sleeping with a bird.

    How in the world?!? (and why...)


  2. Ack. Blogger completly deleted my long explanation of how the b.ird incident happened, grrrr. Not writing it out again.

  3. I buy Birthday cards for you and forget to send them till after your birthday and then I am so ashamed I don't send them


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