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Friday, January 11, 2013

Breaking news!


I managed to fall off my bike and give myself a concussion. No I wasn't wearing a helmet. My feet were all tangled up in my bike so down I went. One hand broke the fall and then I was sliding across the asphalt on my orbital ridge and cheekbone after making brief contact with the ground with my chin.

I'm lucky. My facial bones absorbed most of the impact instead of my skull, but since the brunt of of it came on my cheek bone, I didn't break my jaw. I think I came pretty close - the socket is sore. I had an instant headache which has continued to today. I definitely scrambled my brain a bit and while it is mild as concussions go (no vomiting, no blacking out) I'm definitely feeling the effects.

Foggy, slowness, headache, "deer in the headlights" look, dizziness etc all were present yesterday and continue today. I'm told that in about 3 days most of it should be resolved.

Yes I went to the doctor (urgent care) after it happened.

It's my first head injury and really it's rather unpleasant. I can't concentrate, although most of the visual stuff resolved itself by last night. I literally can't think --> and I'm not suppose to either. Beside the obvious no riding or running for 7 days after I am "normal" again, physical AND cognitive rest is prescribed.

This is a bit problematic since the only thing worse than sitting through this onco block would be sitting through it AGAIN, so after talking to the administrator, I'm going to attempt to take the 2 hour take home exam Sunday (due 8a Monday) and if I can muddle through it OK, I'm going to finish the block and take the final next Friday. If I find myself unable to complete the exam, then I'm going to suspend this block and complete it over the summer.

It's weird. I could literally look out into space drowsily for a couple of hours and be perfectly happy. And take naps. My brain just wants to check out for a while and let itself heal. Considering the next block after the next week is a HUGE fast paced, important, LONG block, I really want to make sure I give myself time to heal, and more importantly I WANT to heal.

Fortunately, this is mild enough that I'm feeling like myself by the end of the weekend and can get through this block. Today all sorts of other things hurt like ribs, a knee, and my neck.

I have a tendancy to take short cuts on wounds and healing, BUT even a mild head injury is not something I mess around with. Can't be a vet, go backpacking, or 100's as a vegetable!


  1. Definitely not something to mess around with! I've had two mild concussions (mild thanks to the fact I was wearing a helmet), both horse-caused. I hated the zoned-out, loopy feeling...I just wanted to curl up and sleep.

  2. Hope you are feeling better! No fun at all - that's for sure! Sounds like all in all you were very lucky that it was Not worse! Sending healing thoughts your way!

  3. Oh no! Hope you continue to heal quickly, just remember to take EXTRA care for a long time even after you feel fine.
    I think the effects could be cumulative if you were to hit your head again- no riding w/o helmet!!! (even a bike:)

  4. You dodged a bullet this time. Any type of cognitive injury would more than inconvenient. The others would not be so fun either, but you could probable work around a broken bone. Tough to pass school and not think (although 1000s of kids do it all the time.)


  5. I am so sorry to hear about your accident, I hope you get well soon! it is funny how our everyday activities and not the cool dangerous gets us down... Loreleigh

  6. Very glad you're okay. Hate to think of how it could have turned out. I always think of our Pony Club video, Every Ride, Every Time, and the segment with Rusty Nail trying to say he was looking forward to recovering enough for a therapeutic riding program.

    And he was one of the lucky ones. The brain surgeon couldn't work anymore.


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