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Monday, October 19, 2009


I guess I'm committed now. Excuse me while I blow into a paper bag.

Ok, I'm back.

By choosing not to shoe at Buckmeadows (reasons: close to home, only a one day 50, good footing, not much invested) I have unknowingly committed to boots for Desert Gold.

Back to blowing in the paper bag.

See, my farrier comes out to the stable every 3 weeks. Very convenient. I never have to call him, he never misses an appointment, I never forget to schedule an appointment.

One little minor detail I forgot - The day he's scheduled to come out that WOULD have been the shoe date for Farley is Thanksgiving. Which means he will come out the NEXT week. AFTER Desert Gold.

HOWEVER - while he will come out as needed (and has when I've been concerned about something) he's very busy and doesn't do a lot of single horses any more. I'm not even sure I COULD use him if I moved from the barn. So while I'm sure he WOULD come out special and shoe my horse the week before Desert Gold, I'm not so sure I want to use up my limited amount of favors for this....

The only way to get shoes on her for Desert Gold is to shoe the Thursday before Buckmeadows.

Darn it. Oh Gosh. (back to blowing in the paper bag).

I AM doing boots for Buckmeadows. which means.....

2 days of 50's at Desert Gold. In DEEP sand. Oh Gosh. I really should order a spare size 1 (front foot) boot before then. While the sand part I could do barefoot, some of the ride is on gravelly road that can be a bit tough on a horse's foot.

To put it into perspective....

I have a feeling some of my readers are not quite feeling my pain. In order to help them out, I present the following, similar scenarios.

1. You are a training level dressage rider. Like training level test 1. You get to the show and realize you are now entered into Grand Prix. Time to go get that top hat....

2. You signed up for level 1 at the cavalry competition. Upon arriving you are handed the level 3 card AND are informed that you will be doing a guest appearance at the Bolte/Directors cup (complete with exploding propane balloons). Add to this scenario that you weren't going to DO the pistol classes because your horse hasn't exactly been broke to gunfire.....

3. You just finish your first LD. It was a joyful, exhilarating experience. Upon completing you are informed that they have decided to make the concurrent 100 miler a point to point and the camp has been moved 100 miles away. As a courtesy they have already moved your camp and trailer. *All* you have to do is ride over there!

Are we all on the same page now?


  1. Gosh, now I am blowing in a paper bag.

  2. You can do it, Mel! The Renegades were invented in an area of this state that is practically nothing but deep sand washes! Every time I ride, it involves at least one deep sand wash, and I've not yet had a boot come off in the sand. The first ride in boots is an intimidating one, but it'll be great. It sounds like you've put a lot of care into making sure your boots are properly fitted, and that counts for *a ton*.

  3. One thing I would suggest: make sure you change out your Velcro straps, especially before Desert Gold, and buy some extra straps to carry with you. The sand does wear the straps out faster than any other surface, and having backups on hand can't hurt. Also, doing the "foldback lock" on the strap end through and around the o-rings will provide extra security and prevent the strap end from getting yanked out from under the o-rings. Feel free to email me if you have questions or want pics.

  4. Thank you Ashely - that is VERY reassuring. I will change out the straps and carry extras (renegade very generously has given me extra straps with each pair of boots i order).

    I'll probably post pictures before/right after buckmeadows. I would appreciate any comments about my strap length etc. and any other suggestions you have.

    It sounds like you need some more paper bags. Like a good sister, I just might send you some. Are you in need of the lunch sized, or have you lungs graduated you to grocery sized?


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