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Friday, October 23, 2009

A picture a day keeps the doldrums at bay

I'm going to participate in this challenge. I read Grey Horse Matters and thought "what a cool idea.". I'll try and keep it interesting. This week has been a bit "post heavy" and it will be nice to take a break from the words and post through pictures for a couple of days.

Seriously contemplating going for an overnight camp trip with Farley tonight. It's a location that I usually day trip to because it's close, but there is camping. I'm feeling the need for pony and I to spend some quiet time together and get some quality work done on the trail. I'd go tonight, get in a quick ride, wake up early and do 20-25 miles, then come home. Still haven't decided for sure.

BTW - here's 5 people I would love to see accept this challenge: (no pressure, only if you want to!)

  • Zach over at SS Sestina Endurance Ventures - anyone with an iphone should be able to take great interesting photos of his day right???? :)

  • Carolyn at Food Adventures Etc. (BTW - I need an etc. It would be so freeing to have an etc. in this blog...)


  1. now that I'm not at home, I want to have more pics of me and my life too, however I run into the problem of how I can be IN these pictures without the repetitve hold-camara-at-arms-length-and-hit-the-button. Do you plan to take still/life/scenery/pictures of your precious horsie or dragoon random passers by to take a pic?

  2. Cool!! I totally accept!

    It will be nice to sit down to blog about something other then my mare.

    But I am not sure how it works, do I need to post the nine pictures at the end of the day every day, or wait until the end of the seven days to post?

    Should by easy, I have an iphone that I use for taking pictures.

    (by the way, thank you for thinking of me!)

  3. Im game! now that MIDTERMS are done (YAY!) i can be a bit more free and not have to worry about grades (much :) haha, ill try it!!

  4. My plan was to post a days worth of pics at a time. I usually can't post on weekends, so my pics will be a bit behind. On Monday I will post from Saturday, on Tuesday I will post from Sunday etc etc.

    I am NOT going to have narrative with my pics, I'm going to try and title pics so that people have a clue what's going on....

    I think you can make up your own rules. :)

    Loreleigh (ie "anonymous"....) Pics at this stage in your life are for you, not necessariliy others. Take pics so that you remember and it brings back stories. Sometimes you will want someone to take a picture of you, but what I have found is most of the time I want to take pics of what's around me.

    Not all my pics will be on my precious horsey.....For example today it is 5pm and I have yet to take ANY pictures. Which means that they will be of my cats. Or messy house. Or dirty dishes.

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  6. This is going to be so fun! I have to try and think of good things to follow though!


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