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Monday, October 5, 2009

Pull codes

Just got the official results of Tevis in the Endurance News (AERC publication). I'm listed as a "Lameness". So I know it's splitting hairs, but technically it was a "Rider-Option" pull, and if you want to get REALLY nitty-gritty it's a "RO-L" pull.

So does it matter in the big picture of everything. Absolutely not. It still bothers me. I have enough (well-deserved) lameness pulls and I would rather have the Farley's record reflect that I chose to pull, rather than she was lame enough to be pulled (which she wasn't - vets told me it was my decision, she wasn't lame "enough" to get pulled).

Now that I have vented, I don't feel the need to write and ask for it to be changed, therefore NOT turning myself into one of those annoying people that complains about EVERYTHING.

On other life news -

I have officially entered BuckMeadows Sunday 50 mile endurance ride

I ordered black renegade boots for Farley's hinds. Should be here sometime this week.

I scored very well on the GRE general exam I took on Friday. Absolutely stupendous in the verbal section and OK in the math. Don't have the essay score (4-6 weeks) but should be high considering the verbal section (the 2 usually correlate well).

Don't think I've left any other plots hanging, but if you can think of something I still need to update, let me know.


  1. oohwee, congrats on your GRE!
    I knew you would pound them at verbal :P

  2. sounds great! I think your verbal is probably as much higher as your math is lower than if you had taken it right out of school.

  3. I could totally understand being a bit put off by the offical record. Not that you are ever planning on it, but it could be detrimental for selling Farley down the road.
    Plus, as horse owners we want it to be correct!

  4. not to add to your list, but I agree that you should at do at least the minimum to see about changing that.

  5. I guess for those of us who HAVE those lameness pulls, when we make the right decision for us and our horse, and know enough NOW, that we want it to reflect in our record. An i think the Western state site does list it as a RO, but i cant remember :)

    Good Luck @ Buck Meadows, Holly is great! I volunteered most of tevis with her.

    Congrats on your GRE! I am getting ready for my SAT/ACT next weekend, i'm taking it year early (not sure why?! oh now i remember, i am a year ahead in all my classes :) Thank god their is a little party the night after i take it, maybe no police this time? It is times like that i enjoy being the designated driver :D

    Good luck!

    (what a rant that was, sorry!)

  6. I always thought that a RO was when the horse was fit to continue but the rider was not, which is why I don't understand the whole RO-L pull code thing (unless it means the rider is lame?? :). I think there was an article on it in EN a while back saying that the RO was used too frequently and inappropriately. Maybe that's why it was put on the record as it was, who knows.

    Either way, you both did great and learned a lot from the experience! Next year you two will totally complete!


  7. On pull codes, I've finally learned that it's really a crap shoot, and I generally ignore individual pull codes. I do, however, think seeing patterns in pull codes can be instructive. Is the horse pulled for the same reason (or related reasons) at similar rides? i.e. is he often pulled lame or RO-L on rocky rides, or sandy rides?, or are there a lot of RO pulls in very hot weather. Looking at patterns might say a lot about a horse/rider combo...for example, I know one rider who takes excellent care of her horse but forgets her own electrolytes on hot rides. Result: a lot of overtime/DNF/RO codes on rides with temps above 90 degrees.

    I had a pull a few years ago that could've been rider option, lameness, and a few other things. My horse pulled a butt muscle 6 miles from camp and was LAME. I hopped off and walked him slowly in. Our finish code: overtime. >shrug< Well, we were late, after all!

    So I guess I'd say don't sweat the specific code. The RO-L code is newish, and some folks don't remember to use it yet. That will change with time, and the data will become more meaningful.

  8. Not to be nit-picky, but you did mention in your Tevis story that the vets at Foresthill asked you to come back for a recheck. Did they keep your card? Either way, with them asking you to come back, Farely was not officially declared "fit to continue" out of the vetcheck in Foresthill. In order to use one of the RO pull codes, your horse has to pass the vet check first. This prevents riders who have an obvious issue (not meaning you specifically) from using one of the RO pull codes instead of the appropriate L or M or whatever. It sounds like "L" was the proper code for Farely's pull.

  9. mmm...might be a grey area. They strongly reccomended that I didn't continue, but said they wouldn't pull. And yes, they said they would like me to recheck before going out again, so maybe the code was appropriate.

    Whatever the code says, what matters is I ended up with a happy healthy horse that (if diasasters or mishaps occur) is ready to go out again next year on the trail.

  10. So does that mean you will be going to tevis again? I really belive that sassy will be able to make it next year, she is SO easy to condition, i have never worried about tevis, for her or me, in any way, but now that she HAS had an injury i will always have that on my mind... I cant wait to go down to Sandy Schuler! (she said she would talk tevis strategy with me, she has won it once or twice and got haggin once or twice!!)

  11. Zach - of COURSE I will be doing Tevis again next year (if my horse stays sound all year yada yada yada and all that good stuff). I thought doing 2 days at wild west was tougher than the 68 miles of the Tevis, probably because I prerode most of it - it's always a HUGE mental break for me when I know the trail (which is why WW day 2 is easier than 3 - I know the trail much better for day 2). Since I know the trail even better for next year, I think that will really help.

    BTW - if you ride my offer of using my crew in any way you want still stands.

  12. That is so NICE!! I hope to do at least 2 days at WW as well, maybe i will do the last day with my young dumb horse :) if i am up for dealing with him :D

    Ahhh, dont you just LOVE making plans for the upcoming ride season!! I do!

  13. I love Love LOVE making goals and lists....I can barely resist posting my 2010 goals here....but. I. will. resist. until. after. desert gold. I promise.


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