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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pictures - Day 3

I never seem to get my camera out until the end of the day, but once I do I get absorbed into different shots, different settings, and playing with F-stops. 

Here are Monday's Pictures

"The end of evening light"

"Too early to go to bed"


"A 4-H Fair project"

"My head"

"Her head right side"

"Her head left side"

"20 meter circle" (can you see the path?)

"View from the top"


  1. I like the "too early to go to bed" picture! Very cute!

  2. Love the 4-H project. And you know you're a horse nut when you nod appreciatively at someone else's attempt to take a picture of her horse's head from the saddle. I have hundreds of those types of shots myself.


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