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Friday, October 30, 2009

Pictures - Day 7

Well that was interesting. Nine pictures a day is a LOT of pictures. Especially when I'm not doing anything out of the ordinary. After a couple of days I was forced to seek out new locations to shoot (I only have so much patience for interesting pony and kitty pictures). I have a lot of shots that I wouldn't otherwise have because of this challenge.

I thought that this challenge might be a fun way to give me a break from writing. But, I found myself still writing posts, scheduling them for after the pictures would be done. I don't think I actually wrote less posts than I usually do. Well, at least if I had needed the break, I could have, in theory, NOT written anything.

So here it is: Last day of the picture challenge!

"Good Morning"

"Minx's plant is still going strong"

"Halloween treats"


"The difference between the 2 pictures is..."

"Office wall"

"Memories of Tevis"

"Freecycle shoes"

"Athletic ability hiding in the corner"


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