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Monday, October 26, 2009

Pictures - Day 2

To read the challenge, click here.

Day: Sunday

Location: Home (because even though I did many interesting things, I was too busy living to take out the camera - so these pictures are a last ditch effort to stay in the challenge....)

"Do you know your truck and trailer GVWR?"

"Food on the counter is easier to see than food in the cupboard" or, "The options when you don't go grocery shopping"

"Hi, I'm Jonah and I'm a pest"

"Algae = more natural habitat"

"Mr. Fish hides when I walk into the room because he's big enough for dinner"

"Experimenting with the manual camera settings"

"Jonah getting ready to 'play' with Mickie"

"Mickie doesn't want to play"



  1. You poor thing. Buy some food already!

  2. Just wait until I post today's pictures....I took a pic of my fridge....1 bottle of beer and tortillas. HA!

    Really need to go grocery shopping....but too busy riding :) Will go in the next couple of days, even if I do it at 1am.

  3. I found out how to add pictures! I'm learning as I go. I don't have 9 pix per day, but I do have pictorial updates on my trip to Colorado.


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