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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Inquiring minds want to know

I picked up my trailer from the shop (for details of the exciting event which placed it there, read this post).

Apparently the plug was very mis-wired. As I *know* (as in, I have digital pictures of before and after) I rewired the plug IDENTICAL to the old one, I guess I'm lucky that nothing bad happened sooner.

Lesson learned - Do not wait to replace the plug, until the plug is so corroded that the act of pulling the plug from the truck causes multiple wires to pull loose from their connections inside the plug. This will cause various male relations to confidently guess where those wires were and re-hook it up. Those errors will be transferred to the new plug........where everything actually DOES connect and ground well and funky things will start happening...eventually. Everything will seem to work - at least superficially - until something happens - like the headlights turning on.

Yep yep yep. Lesson learned.


  1. hmm. It seams like maybe there should be some personal responsibility on you part for re installing the plug incorrectly. After all, when the "various male relations" fixed the plug the first time there were only TWO wires which were pulled out neither one of which could have been reinstalled backwards or nothing would have worked (I think anyway having no personal knowledge of the situation myself). However, from what I have heard of the I don't think that any "various male relations" you know will be working on your trailer anymore (unless you ask them really, really nicely).

  2. In case anyone is wondering, the above "anonymous" comment was made by a certain "male relation" who (to his credit) DID manage to wire my plug and made my brakes work (until my headlights came on - though it could still be argued that the brakes still WORKED, just not in the intended fashion).

    Yes, I confirmed with the author of the "anonymous" comment that it was made in a light hearted fashion.

  3. One time, mere months ago, a certain male relation broke my truck (accidentally), ignored all my attempts to figure out how to (very easily) fix it, and ended up calling a tow truck for it. He does not get to ride in my truck anymore. He thinks I am joking; I am actually serious. I feel your pain!

  4. Yea! Older siblings are so ungrateful! Give us teens some credit, Mel :)

    Just kidding :)


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