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Monday, October 5, 2009

Farley's Brother

Farley's full brother is up for sale. Here is the ad.

I want this horse so bad. Farley has been absolutely incredible. I'm not sure why he is recommended for a experienced rider, his breeder said as a 2 year old he was sweet and responsive.

When I was notified, it was all I could do to resist picking up the phone and making an appointment to see this guy. Fortunately I was at Matt's house and while he does not tell me what to do with my life, he is an excellent sounding board and usually asks the right questions. I think I have made the right decision.

So, why am I not running towards this full speed with arms wide-open. Here is the list of reasons that I repeat to myself when a panic attack hits me that I MUST have this horse (which right now is approximately every 2 hours).

1. When I had 2 horses, all I did was horses. Everything else in my life was neglected. I was stressed all the time, didn't have time for friends and family, didn't play my fiddle, and generally felt guilty all the time for what I wasn't getting done in my life.

2. I got a second horse because Minx was lame and it was becoming obvious that she was not going to be the endurance horse I wanted her to be. Now it's different. Farley is everything I could ask for.

3. It's inconvenient to have horsey friends without horses, and to not have a 2nd horse. That being said, I know people with horses that will and do let me borrow them for trail rides with friends. It's inconvient to not be able to do all the rides I want. However, I have less $$ with 2 horses and in reality did less rides when I had 2 horses.

4. Is it a coincidence that only after I was down to one horse that I started getting done what I REALLY wanted to do with my horses? Lessons - on my list for 3 years. Finally got started this fall. Tevis - only happened when I was down to one horse.

5. Yes, I could financially support another horse. Problem - I wouldn't be saving a significant amount of money for school, would be dicey if I could continue lessons, and there's a good possibility I would spend a substantial portion of my time being stressed about money.

6. It's different with 2 horses. With one horse I pamper and take the extra time to do special things for my pony. Whether that's giving baths, extra grooming, hand grazing, or doing a traditional standing wrap when trailering - the horse gets extra attention and that results in a greater bond, which results in me getting more satisfaction out of my horse. Farley LOVES the extra attention and absolutely thrives on it. I think there's a lot to the advice I got from a long-time horseman when I first started riding - the bond between one horse and one rider is just different.

7. I'm going back to school (graduate school) in less than 2 years. One horse is doable. Two is not. One horse is easier to fit into major life changes. Two is not. My boarding stable is up for sale. Once it sells, things might stay the same, or they may not. Finding a new stable for one horse is doable. Even if the price of board doubles (I'm getting an excellent deal right now). Two may not be feasible.

8. One horse forces me to slow down, smell the flowers, enjoy my friends company. This year, after Minx died, I visited Grandparents, cousins, and sisters. I reconnected with old friends.

9. I have a tendancy to schedule and shove into my life a maximum amount of activities until I am at the very brink of insanity. The past 3 weeks I have focused on cutting activities, with many apologies to people and organizations to whom I have made commitments. For the first time in months (years?) I have free weekends on the calendar.

10. It is not the right time. It just isn't.

What I so desperately want for myself right now, may not be the right thing. But **&#$*#^$ it hurts!

I would really like to see this horse given a shot at a good career. If I was at a different spot in my life, if I wasn't about to go through a major life change in 18 months. If I had my own pasture and was only faced with incremental cost increases instead of a doubling in board, if only.....

Even with the experienced rider warning I think he's worth a look. He's an Arab who doesn't have a job. It may be nothing more than that. I can't say enough good things about Farley's personality and attitude on the trail. It may or may not be in this guy, but when I talked to the breeder, it sounds like Farley's attitude is a family trait. There's a good chance this guy has it.


  1. wow-he looks so much like farley
    (maybe only to *my* untrained eye)

  2. Yes, he looks exactly like Farley. It actually says something that you - as a non-horsey person - could see through the white markings and see that. Good job!

    I need to stop looking at the pics.

  3. not buying this horse is a good exercise in self control, just like controlling eating and tv watching.
    Besides, you forgot to list another important thing... he's a gelding!

  4. He's really cute! But tiny...

    One horse is definitely easier than two. Dixie is finally getting the attention she deserves. Right now I'm planning on getting a non-riding buddy horse for her, one day when we get a house with land.

    You're probably doing the right thing. (Wouldn't it be nice to have a pair though!)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. At 5'...let's call it one inch shall we? I find I like the 14-14.2 hand horses more and more. Farley was sold to me as 14.3, which I sincerely doubt. She's closer to 14.1. STILL can't get on her bareback from the ground. If my stars are aligned Minx will be my LAST 16 hand horse I own....

  7. Awwwwww I remember seeing him and thinking what a pretty boy he is! But he is waaaayyyy to short for me. I really can't get a horse under 15hh without feeling weird. Lucy is the perfect height for me at 15.2

    Too bad, he is a pretty boy and being Farleys brother would indicate that he is a well bred horse.

  8. While he is very cute, I think you are right on point with your 10 things. With one horse retired (or close to it) two is doable because there is not as much time spent on both, but for 2 that are young and can be ridden...that is just a lot for someone who does not make horses the center of life. have one great horse. The chances of getting 2 (even with the same breeding) are not great. Enjoy Farley. I wish I could only have one horse. Yes you can do 2, but I think making Farley your one and only makes him that much more special. Plus give yourself a time line. Such as, if he is not sold in x number of days I can go look at him if I still want to.

  9. OntheBit - thanks. totally needed the reassurance just now as I was going through another "episode" :)

    I think I might call in a week - just to see if he's unsold and get the scoop on him - why do they say advanced rider?

  10. On the other hand, $450 is a STEAL and you could always sell him later ;-)

  11. I went through the same internal dialog this summer when a great horse came avaialable that was recommended by a very good friend. I have been down to one horse for a year now and was sorely tempted. I came to the same conclusion. I spend more time in the saddle with one than I did with the upkeep of two.


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