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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

But l live in CA!

Yes, I know you have heard this refrain before... But you have to admit that I should get something for my higher taxes and intrusive government, and inability to find a decent pasture to board in. That's right- I deserve decent weather. It's my right as a pampered Californian. Give us a little credit here-we are not used to having this sort of swamp wearther that you northern Folks enjoy most of the year, I'm simply not prepared. By the time I DO remember that vortex jacket and silk underware to go out to the stable, I've been wet and cold and shivery and all around miserable for three days.

I used love the rain-before I had horses. I was even ok with it. Before I was paying attention and trying to do the barefoot thing for "real". Now I worry that feet are going to hell in the mud.


Six more weeks of winter and then I can continue with my regular programming. In the meantime I am going to make an effort to remember why I loved rain so much as a child.

Remember rainy day schedule?

And cozy clothes?

And the opportunity to snuggle with a good book and cuddle with a hot cookie and homemade hot chocolate?

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  1. I'm obviosly getting used to my iPod key board so snickering at my obvious word mistakes! I meant
    "gortex" not vortex but it keeps auto correcting.

  2. I find some misstrokes on the computer can make hilarious typos. Often, they are like Freudian slips.
    Glum weather, indeed...

  3. I used to like the rain but now I regard it as an unwelcome interruption to my riding schedule and more mud to clean off Max. :-)

    And then there's all the trails getting messed up, the overflowing rivers, etc.

    Grrrr!!! Guess it means that I should clean all the saddles and tack that I've been putting off for the part 8 months.

  4. I was wondering how bad your rain was. I am somewhat fuzzy on CA geography and I'm not sure where you live, but I think the whole northern half of the state is getting drowned.

    I think a vortex jacket sounds awesome and I wish I had one!

  5. I'll trade u!!! we are BURIED! and once the rain stops for u, its done, but the snow stays for a long time...

    How do u like the Blog app?! i really liked it at first, but as i started to put in pictures it tends to crash and i had to redo allot of posts....

  6. trying to muster sympathy...


    Nope, it's not happening. Sorry.

    But empathy I've got tons for ya.

    Also, I'm mystified by a "rainy day schedule."

    I want a vortex jacket. I think it would solve a lot of my fashion dilemmas. I think you should invent one, Mel, and you'll make millions!

  7. Can totally relate, also being a Californian. :) I also worry about my mare's feet rotting away in the mud. I have finally cured her chronic thrush infection and I do NOT want it to come back.

  8. Funder i'm in cental ca so i tend to get a bit of so cal weather and mostly norcal weather. We are getting hammered. Drain systems have been handling everything fine until tonight. Streets are starting to flood and when you drive, you can actually see
    standing water in the fields which is unusul.

    Zach i've been only using blogpress for types post - no pics
    and it seems to do pretty good. I'll remember what you said though.

    Aarene-you should be nice to is poor
    drowned rats!


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