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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Who are you when it rains?

In the spirit of learning to love the rain again, I present the first of my "rainy" day topics....
Remember rainy day schedules at school?  Where instead of going out to the playground, you were forced to sit in a classroom at lunch, to the consternation of the teachers!  On sunny days I was active - screaming, shouting, hanging on the monkey bars - type of active.  But that changed on rainy day schedules.  On rainy day schedules, I would find a quiet corner and curl up with a book. 
So what happens now as an adult?  Who do you turn into when it rains?
On non-rainy days, I describe myself as a horseperson, who runs and does some knitting in the evenings to relax. 
Rain effectively removes my horse part of my life, and to a lesser degree, my running.  I don't feel like knitting anymore because I'm not tired.  So what do I do?
  • I come home and put on a music CD.  While in my normal life I crave silence because I'm so busy, a good LOUD bluegrass CD is just what I need on a rainy afternoon.
  • I cook.  I cook a LOT.  And I enjoy it.
  • I practice my fiddle.  Apparently my fiddle is one of those things, that although I love dearly, I will NOT practice unless I'm on the verge of being bored.  Not tired enough to knit or read, but don't feel like diving into another project either - that is the perfect mood for practicing the fiddle.  And this is the perfect illustration of why I do NOT have internet at home.  If I did, I would waste time there instead of getting bored enough to practice!
So I've decided that instead of stewing on what I can't do while it rains CONSTANTLY, I can embrace my "alternate" life! 
What are you normally and does that change when it rains?


  1. 1) Turn all the lights on
    1.5) Put another log in the fire
    2) Get something tasty to eat
    3) Watch an escape type movie or
    4) Read a book that is fun
    5) Turn more lights on

  2. Yesterday, I had a sudden urge to do a very large and messy painting involving glue, bits of newspaper, and black paint. Normally I am the read-a-book-and-mope-around-the-house type. But there is a break in the weather for a few hours, so now I'm going riding!

  3. I tried to go running again today, COMPLETELY ate $hit!! I need to get those running chains for the bottom of shoes :)

    Hmm. what do i do on rain days? Well, for me they are Snow-days and i Facebook allot, look at endurance rides that i want to do, look at pictures of endurance rides and do some research and reading about endurance and horses and look at things i can improve on... thats basically my day today :p

  4. I, um, do the same stuff as usual. Oh, right, because rain IS usual.

    It's easier to chart the change in activity when it DOESN'T rain... which is the same stuff as when it rains, only I don't wear a vortex jacket >g< and I'm more likely to take the camera with me. That's why I have more photos of blue skies than grey skies, even though we get a lot more grey ones!

  5. I cross stitch, believe it or not. And I cook even more elaborate dishes than usual. And I whine to my husband about how I'm BORED.

  6. Umm, I don't really do anything different when it rains, expect do less work and hang out with my sister more, but thats not all that uncommon.

    Right now my schedule is such that even when its not raining I am not outside much, I get up, I feed (not like I can forgo that in the rain), I go to work, I work, I get home after dark, I feed, I go to bed.
    Yep. My life is boring and sucks!

    The biggest change is that I grumble even more about my horses when its raining and worry about them more. And I don't walk to the post office and bank.

    Now big windy thunder storms are entirely differnt. Then my sister and I hang out on the front porch waiting for the thunder and speculating as to when the power will go off and how long it will be out and if our cell service will go out.

    I love the rain, sometimes I will even ride in the rain. Oddly enough I don't mind having horses in the rain that much, I guess I am just so used to mud its a part of life now.

  7. We get so many months of cold dreary snowy weather here in Northwest Montana that come spring or summer, rain rarely stops me from riding, unless it's a thunderstorm, although sometimes, I have been caught in one that has rolled in while riding and didn't have a choice but to ride through lightning and thunder just to get home. No, I can't say rain is my foe, in fact to be honest, I enjoy taking a run in the rain. It's kind of invigorating. Cold and snow and layers upon layers of ice, which is what we have going on now is my enemy. I haven't sat upon my horse since early November.. too dangerous. So I pass the small amount of idle time I do have usually by working out more, reading, watching movies at home that I need to catch up on or cooking. I can only wish for just rain....


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