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Monday, January 4, 2010

Temporary amusement

If you would like some amusement while I'm in the process of constructing my post from the weekend, check out my Mom's post. I'm probably in 4th or 5th grade, cutting up a chicken.


  1. Hehe! What a great picture! Its great seeing how much people have changed (or not changed) from when they were kids! I can totally recognize that as being you.

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy Birthday Melinda!
    I keep writing 1/4/85 on all my checks this morning and then have to correct them.

  3. Thanks mom. :) So far for my birthday I have

    a. complained to my apartment management about the leak under my sink (THIRD time....)

    b. paid bills

    My glorious plans for tonight are:

    a. Grocery shopping

    b. vaccumming

    c. knitting socks

  4. Happy birthday!

    You should bake yourself a cake, young'un. ;)

  5. Right...and then eat the whole thing myself. Wonderful way to start a new year.. :)

    And mom - I'm not sure it was necessary to post my birth year for everyone to see! At a quarter of a century, I'm getting a bit selfconcious of my age! (not really....although it is amazing that I'm halfway through my 20's and STILL not through school. *sigh*)

  6. Bring it to work! Or freeze it - cake does freeze really well. Freezing requires more self-control than foisting it off on co-workers though.

    You are SO YOUNG; don't even start about being old!


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