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Saturday, January 30, 2010

My favorite new (cheap) toy

Before I get into today's topic, I wanted to extend a public thank you to Giselle of Hairloom Treasures. Shortly after Minx's death I ordered a bracelet made with her tail hair, with a engraved plate with her name.

During the Tevis, the end near one of the clasps started to fray, and one of the clasps wasn't holding the plate very well, allowing the bracelet to unfasten unpredictably. I (predicatably) didn't get around to asking Giselle if she could repair it until January....6 months after I originally put it away because of damage, and almost a year after I ordered it.

One reason I love ordering from small vendors is the customer service. She apologized profusely for the bracelet failing. She let me know she had discontinued the style due to durability concerns, but that she would be happy to repair it. I sent it in, and less than 2 weeks later, my bracelet was back, good as new. I highly reccomend Hairloom Treasures if you are looking for a special rememberance of a special horse. She puts a special touch with each project and the customer service can't be beat. I'm not getting paid or compensated for this review in any way, just a very happy customer!

Back to regular programming - my new favorite product is.....(drum roll).....the battery operated glow stick!

OK OK OK I hear sighs of dissapointment. "What's this", you say? "I'm suppose to be excited about a glowbar?". Why yes you are. Because it is so. very. cool. Trust me.

Glow bars are $1-2 dollars apeice. They are small. Once you snap them, you have light and there's no way of turning them off.

There is a better way!!!!!!

I introduce the battery operated glow bar! Let's examine the positives.
  • 200 hours of operation for $5
  • It has a flashlight on the end of it.
  • You can turn it on and off as needed.
I'm very excited. I don't like riding with light at night, however I want it available if I need it. Currently, I put snap glowbars on my breast collar, but don't snap them unless I have to. I'm planning on using the battery glowsticks in the same way. All I need to do is lean down to push the button when I need the light....and (here's the good part) I can push the button when I'm done with the light. I also like the idea of having a flashlight if I lose my head lamp.

It also have a built in whistle, however I don't really care, so I didnt' put that as an advantage.

They sell at Target in several different colors including green, yellow, and red. I bought a green one and they are suprisingly bright.


  1. OK- the battery operated glow stick is cool. I've always wondered about the chemicals in regular glow sticks when you toss them out. Now you can just turn it off and use it the next night. COOL!

  2. Wonderful! Someone that finds it Cool just like I do! Honestly, I don't see why they haven't caught on with the endurance riders. It just makes so much sense.

  3. Where have you been girl (wink) We have been using the battery powered ones since at least Tevis 2005. No whistle, but they are cheap enough. About $3 eact at Walmart. All kinds of colors. I like the blue, or white. A nice, softer glow to me than the yellowish green. Some like the battery powered small closet lights, but they put our too much light, and I did not like them.

  4. I am always late to the party! Sounds like walmart is the place to go. I really hAte flashlights at night. The white light drivese nits so thinking of buying a couple more of these to use around camp when I don't want to use the headlamp.


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