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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A sad sad day....

As of today, my work has blocked blogger and all associated .blogspot, wordpress, and other paid for blog addresses.

Although this will undoubtedly improve work productivity, it was definitely a blow in the gut when I tried to log on this morning and couldn’t. Updating my blog daily and corresponding with y’all is definitely the highlight of my day!

Never fear! I have a plan (when do I not have a plan?). I will be setting up my e-mail so that I can still post to my blog regularly that way. There may be more scheduled posts, and while I will get your comments through e-mail, I will not be able to respond to them as promptly as I do now.

The biggest change for me is going to be the inability to comment on YOUR blogs. Commenting requires me to access the blog website, which is just not going to happen as frequently. I’ll still be reading daily in Google Reader….I just won’t be able to let you know how much I enjoy reading about your lives.

The other change will be I will not be able to get to the spam comments as quickly to delete. A time may come where I need to have put the comment verification back in place, but for now I’ll see how annoying it becomes.

I love blogging! I love the way that writing regularly makes me feel – when people ask me if I do any writing, I can say with honesty, “a little”. To have an idea and to plan on writing something, and then to force myself to follow through and finish the mini-essay that is a blog post, is creating writing-discipline. Happy blogging everyone, and as always, if you see something wonky or want to ask a specific question, feel free to contact me!


  1. I love it! The private sector catches up with the public.

    Note that we (un-named public agency) are unsophisticated enough that I can still get to your blog and post, but cannot get to any social networking site (e.g. facebook, myspace, & etc.) that has ever appeared in print.

    Still, too bad. I have enjoyed following your adventures in what seemed to be "real time" in some respects. Maybe I can keep up now!

    (Checking in on a dial-up......)


  2. Awww...that is totally sucky! In January I have to work several 14 hour days a week, I would be so pissed if I couldn't check the comments on my blog. I would never have the time to write a full post at this job, but in my last I would totally throw up a post when I had time, which would make me much happier and more productive later. That sucks. I am sorry for you. At least it looks like your e-mail update is working!

  3. Well, someone needs to step up and be the evil enabler in this situation. I guess I'll do it.

    You should get an iPhone, Mel! The older 3G models work fine and only cost $100, and your bill won't go up that much, and you will never understand how you lived so long without it, AND you can comment/post from your iPhone.

    Also you can step on it and leave it overnight below freezing in a gravel parking lot, and it'll still work. Which is more than I can say for some previous phones!


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