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Friday, January 15, 2010

God's timing is perfect

Warning!  Semi-Religious post! 
I'm probably going to offend a lot of people and some of you may be turned off permanently because I've posted something about *God*, but darn it!  It's my blog!  and this is the post I want to write today!  So let's all be nice and realize that being a Christian is part of who I am, and I'm going to write about it, because it's relevant to my horsey life right now.   
Whew.  I feel better already.
And really, I keep saying that I don't care whether I have readers or not so why not go for it?
God's timing is perfect.  That has been the overwhelming theme in my bible studies and reading lately.  (Focus has been on the David and Abigail story).  And as the Farley story continues to unfold, I just have to smile, and yes, giggle at how perfectly everything has worked out. 
  • Minx went lame, and the the least likely person to tell me to get another horse, told me to get another horse.
  • I found Farley, who is such a wonderful horse, I feel like I don't deserve her
  • 3 weeks after I bought Farley, she was lame and Minx was rideable again.
  • Farley became rideable and Minx became on and off again lame
  • I had 2 sound horses for exactly 3 weeks and then Minx died, just as I was reaching the breaking point of how to manage riding 2 sound horses.
  • Farley and I had a very successful endurance season.
  • Two weeks ago, my aunt and I discuss it, and realize we are both doing the Bar S ride, just so we can visit and ride together.  We decide to save money by riding at her ranch instead.
  • I notice Farley is intermittently NQR in the hind end while being ridden on the bit.
So how is this perfect?  Let me explain.  If I was doing Bar S, I would have 2 weeks until the ride.  Right now I would be agonizing over whether to go or not, instead of focusing on the real issue - Farley's well being.  It would have complicated things.  Now, because of "how things worked out", I can give her 2 weeks of easy without the stress of preparing or deciding whether we should go for a ride.  If everything goes well, I will have a long, hilly, multiple day training ride with my aunt, which should give me an idea of whether or not to continue to plan for a 100 at the end of February.  I have plenty of time to think, evaluate, ask Farley her opinion, and see the vet - multiple time - if necessary. 
You see?  Perfection. 
And I am sad about giving Farley time off in the dreariest part of the winter?  Ummmm....not at all!  I should get a gold start for dragging myself out of bed after getting *only* 11 hours of sleep this time of year.  It will be kind of nice to have a riding holiday to enjoy winter - in bed with a heater and either knitting or a good book - for a couple weeks.
Darn it not being able to comment! 
Mobile internet device coming soon...just trying to pick from the options Funder gave me!  Whew!  I've been out of the market a long time.  I like the look of the Archros Android.  I want a device that does internet and e-mail, but NOT a phone...although I may change my mind depending on what work tells me about their reimbursement program.  I found home internet and WiFi access through ATT for $20/month which was what I wanted to pay.  The plus side is that with the Archos 5, I wouldn't have to upgrade my computer for at least another 2-3 years!  I love my MacBook, but at 5 years old, it's a bit creaky on the 'net.  However it does just fine running my applications, so it would work out perfectly to have a separate media device. 
Heather - I called and made an appointment for her teeth floating in February today (Thursday).....and told the receptionist I was being a ditz and couldn't remember what else I wanted to ask her....Ha!  I'll call them on Monday after I ride her on Sunday (this will be her first easy ride back) and see what they have to say, depending on the results of the time off/bute.  They've worked with me long enough that there is a relationship there.  Since I've decided that I'm won't take her in before Monday, it makes sense to call then, and I'll have more information for them - whether or not it returned after time off etc.  Thanks for the reminder!
Thank you everyone for your support!  I really do feel positive about the whole thing.  I won't start to really worry unless it comes back.  After all, we all have our NQR days, and one incident of NQR-ness isn't necessarily a huge cause for concern. 
AareneX - Good point about my chiropractic issues.  I haven't been in ~10 years and haven't had any problems since, BUT  I DO notice that if I don't keep up on my pilates and stay flexible, then Farley feels more stiff.  I've been slacking lately, so maybe I need to be more diligent in that area. 


  1. God has a great way of timing things perfectly ;) Sometimes its up to us to turn it over and let Him work!

    Kiss Farley from me too please!

  2. It's wonderful how things work out right if you're willing to see it! I don't doubt that you'd do the right thing for Farley, but it's awesome that you aren't under pressure to DECIDE about the ride.

    Do you go to pilates classes, or is it something you can practice at home? My favorite thing about yoga is that I don't have to commit to a class, and I don't need equipment. LOL, sorry for asking you a question when you can't reply by comment! More incentive to get a smartphone!

  3. Whoohoo! At the boyfriends and I have access.

    Funder - I do pilates at home. I use "Pilates on the go" , but by now I don't need the video. I've tried some others, but that's the one I really like. It's just a mat and band, so more on the yoga side of pilates. I also do exercise ball routines a couple times a week. They are good for strength, but I like the pilates for flexibility. If you search my blog for "Ball exercises", the post should come up where I linked the exercise ball routines that I do.

  4. Funder is right: it's wonderful to see.

    Good for you, Mel, for giving yourself permission to get some perspective.

    Also, your new spammer is quite amusing.

  5. A new and amusing spammer? I'm going to have to check the comments more often before Mel can delete them then :P

    God's timing IS perfect in so many ways. I'm glad Farley is working so sweetly for you!

  6. My body is NQR most days...especially this morning after my first real training ride in about two months. In fact NQR is my "normal". Ha!

    Glad you are taking a break and glad you are happy just being yourself. ~E.G.

  7. At the boyfriends cooking peanut butter cookies (delicious), watching the new transformer movie (long), knitting socks (half way through with his), and felting a sweet little bunny for redgirl. Does life get any better?

    Assuming my arena isn't underwater when I get home (big storm) I'll get to see if Farley is feeling better! Life is good.

  8. Hey everyone I got an iPod touch so I can keep updated! Looking forward to blog business as usual.

  9. An Ipod touch! That's what Erin has! Not an Iphone?

  10. I debated whether to get a touch or phone but decide on the touch because of the 2 year contract. Work would have paid for it but I'm going back to school in 16 months so didndt want the committment. I'll get a go phone when I go to school.

  11. Yay for you getting a device with internet : )...This might mean that you can check email regularly and better yet check out websites.


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