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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

An object at rest...

On Monday, after not riding for 12 days, I took Farley for a handwalk on the canal.
On Tuesday, in drizzly not ideal conditions, we lightly lunged and carefully rode on the grass in the turn out pen.
On Wednesday (today), I will take a dressage lesson.
How is this remarkable?  I have a tendancy (doesn't everyone?) to be really good and consistent about my horse, as long as I'm interacting with her almost evey day.  However, when weather or personal circumstances strike and Farley gets ignored for 4-5 days, (let alone almost 2 weeks!) it's REALLY hard to get into the habit of riding again. 
Before dressage, it probably would have been mid-February before swinging a leg over her again after this rainy spell.  I would have seen no point of riding in the arena and it would have become easier to stay at home and watch Lost: 2nd season. 
I have proof.  Let's consider this time, last year, before dressage.  We could also call this section "this is how Melinda knows that Farley keeps her fittness..."
  • Farley was ridden regularly up until the end of November, when we completed a 55 at Desert Gold.  A case of rain rot and then pure laziness kept me out of the saddle for the month of December.  I showed up at Death Valley, swung a leg, and off we went to complete 110 miles in 4 days.  I got 2-3 rides in during the months of January and February.  Again, the winter was mild so we can chalk this up to the comfort of my living room and Num3ers: Seasons 1-4.  I somehow thought this prepared me for 20 Mule team 65, so off we went.  I took another break for the month of March and picked up where we left off in mid-February. 
Scary huh? 
Now, with dressage, I refuse to waste money on lessons I won't practice for, so when the weather broke on Monday for 15 minutes, we went on a walk.  Tuesday was not ideal at all but I figured I could get 15 minutes of walk work, so up I went. 
By not waiting until the weather is perfect, I'm more likely to go slow and for a shorter time, which is ideal for transitioning Farley back to work. 

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