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Friday, March 12, 2010

Back to work - Addendum #2

Last one!  I promise.  I hate hate HATE these firewalls!
Another reason I have made the decision to lightly work her (walk, trot, hand jogging) is because that is what is recommended, even during an injury recovery such as a bowed tendon.
My vet has advised me that the worse thing I could do for a horse with a tendon injury is to give them complete rest.  The idea is by walking and jogging you make sure the fibers that are healing within the tendon are realigning themselves.  It's a fine line between too much and too little, but usually by being observant and sticking to the principles of a vet-led program you will be OK. 
During Farley's initial bow, I hand walked up to 60 minutes a day for 2 weeks, then started hand jogging her. 
When Farley reinjured it (slightly) at last year's 20 MT 65 miler, I was told to keep riding her lightly (walk/trot) every day for a short period (20-30 minutes) to help it heal.
Armed with this information, I've decided that in the absence of any injury I can see, the best thing is to keep her moving - that way any small tears and injuries (especially in tendons) will heal well.  Obviously if during the "recovery period" for the 100 miler (I consider 3-4 weeks the "danger period") if there's any signs of heat, filling, or "NQR-ness" all activity stops and she goes to the vet.  I'll assume that it's related to the 100 miler and that it's been "hiding" and it's related to trauma or overuse.  (which is different from my philosophy of a slight NQR that appears in the middle of now where and then doesn't repeat its self....)
Sorry if this is confusing! 
Now stop posting really good comments that I want to respond to and I *might* be able to restrain myself from posting yet another "addendum".  :)
Seriously though - I love a good discussion and if anyone has input on how their recovery program, I would love to hear it in the comments.  Sorry if I seemed a bit defensive or annoyed in my previous posts - I do welcome criticism as it gives me a chance to re-evaluate why I do something - work has been a bit.....hectic is a nice G-rated word.....and I'm a bit frazzled and not in the best of moods.

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