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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Don't you deserve....

My boyfriend said something very insightful yesterday, and he is right as usual.
Me:  My horse looks wonderful!  I'm hurting like hell and feel perfectly awful. Still sick and dizzy and nauseous and close to passing out if I miss a meal. 
Matt:  Mmmm...
Me:  Farley's getting 2 weeks off!  I'm so proud of her (insert yada yada yada ramblings about my precious pony).  Tonight I'm unloading the truck and trailer, getting everything cleaned up, organizing, paying bills.  Tomorrow I have a dressage lesson on one of my trainer's horses.  (laughing nervously).  I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to get in the saddle to the fact I can't bend my right leg and I'm still in tremendous pain....but I'll manage.
Matt:  Don't you deserve as much rest as you horse.
Me;  (indignant).  I AM relaxing.  Plus it's different.
Matt:  Mmmm..
Me:  I'll think about it.
So of course he's right.  I'm obviously not recovered.  I'm in a tremendous amount of pain because of the scabs lining the inside of my legs and knees (I'm not sore any more, but the whole scabbing thing is very painful every time they break open because I have to change the angle of my leg.)  Seriously - I will wear waterproof pants next time even if I think I will die of heat stroke.  This is so not worth it. 
Last night I did what I HAD to do because it's suppose to rain all this week.
  • Bathe horse
  • Clean up renegades and leg protection
  • Unload back of truck
  • Pay bills
I've cancelled my lesson for tomorrow, because who am I kidding - I could probably sit in a saddle but I'm not sure I would accomplish anything meaningful enough that would make the pain worthwhile OR risk delaying healing time for my legs. 
I'll see Farley tonight and hand out for a bit.  Clean her pen.  Finish unloading my truck (I unloaded all HER stuff last night.  You know - the important stuff.  My personal stuff on the other hand is sitting in the rain because after unloading Farley's stuff I decided I didn't care if my stuff got wet). 
Then I plan on sitting in my new (used) recliner, watching Dr. Who and drifting off to sleep with cats nestled around me.  Maybe some hot cocoa. 
Repeat experience all this week. 
It will be glorious.
While physically I can take it easy, mentally it's time to tackle the next big question:
Which ride should I do next? 
Buck Meadows versus American River....Decisions decisions decisions. (to be discussed later)


  1. Hey gal, the bicyclists use a product called Chamois Butt'r (REI sells it) that will help your skin slide across fabric (even wet fabric) and not burn and scab.

    I have little packets of the stuff in my fanny pack and smear some on the insides of my knees and under the elastic bands of my bra before the ride, with a fresh smear of the stuff at porta-potty breaks.

    Maybe that will help next time?

  2. Congrats on your first 100! I'm so happy that you and Farley made it okay! (btw, DR thinks your name is Melissa, or maybe Marissa...he doesn't hear real well )

    I've done this ride before when it made me feel like a bus ran me over! Hot baths (or hot tub, or hot showers) will help. Take some more anti-inflammatories (I should have given you more, sorry).

    The more you force yourself to move, the better you will feel. For years I worked upstairs in an office building and would always dread going up and down the stairs to work on Monday, but it really helped by the umpteenth time each day I felt better though I felt like a zombie the fist time or two.

    So were you the one that got my egg-salad sandwich? Dave said when he came back that he gave away all my that's what I get for not showing up to eat it myself!

    Next time you need help, be sure to ask!

  3. Oh what's up, Dr. Who buddy! I'm glad you also have an SO to yell at you to relax. My husband does that for me :)

    Glad Farley's still ok!

  4. Mel,

    Do you think perhaps your electrolytes are a little out of whack? I got dehydrated and felt exactly as you are describing, awful queasy nausea thing. Even though you were drinking you could have still flushed out your elytes. Have yourself a couple glasses of V-8 juice, see if that doesn't cure that "ucky tummy" feeling. Also a hot soak in the tub and 12 hours actually chilling in that reclining position just letting your body right itself would be good.

    On a training ride I got the bloody, raw, and later scabbed up legs. You have my sympathy...ouch.

    Now take care of YOU.


  5. When we talked the other day, I meant to bring up YOUR electrolytes, Mel. Especially the flags of "nausea" and "drank lots of water."
    I cannot agree more about the V8. You should carry around the little cans and make yourself drink one periodically.
    Or, better yet, your crew person will carry some around and make you drink one periodically...


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