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Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Blog award

A big thank you to AareneX for giving me a blog award! I love awards :)

The general rules of the award is to list 7 things and then pass on up to 15 bloggers.

OK - that's too easy. The 7 things must be things you find beautiful, and you must explain why the NINE (the number of letters in "Beautiful") bloggers that get the award are beautiful.

Seven Things I Find Beautiful

1. Renegade Boots. I'm not sure that there is a more perfect, beautiful boot. Do you know why I posted the pictures of the fail? Because these boots work SO WELL it's difficult to find anything negative about them.....Hopefully by me posting the VERY FEW difficulties I have, it aids the company's research and development AND convinces people I have NOTHING to hide when it comes to the boots. I'm not being paid or sponsored in any way, I pay full price like anyone else. The conditions on Saturday were INCREDIBLE. I saw shoes and boots LITTERED in the mud.....but not my renegades! :) Plus they come in an assortment of very cool colors. So far the Bronze and the Yellow are my favorite, but the Burgundy is pretty darn beautiful too.

2. My relationship with Matt. I have one of those relationships that little girls dream of...even after 10 years! We met in high school and have remained best friends even through the pains of growing up and moving out, and somehow, we are still together and the relationship is more beautiful than before.

3. Farley. Can you imagine a more beautiful horse than a short, shiny bay with a LONG mane? And sweet expression? and a darling nicker?

4. My kitty cats. I really lucked out. Sweet, affectionate, and outrageously beautiful. Is there anything more beautiful than cats nestled around you, tucking their little noses into their tails? I didn't think so.

5. A vet school acceptance letter. I haven't seen one yet, but hopefully this time next year there will be one sitting on my counter.....

6. Sunshine. I need my sunshine. and the outdoors. I will go INSANE if forced to be indoors.

7. Myself. This really isn't as conceited as it sounds. Finally, I have admitted that I'm happy with myself. For the longest time I felt like I would have made a better boy than a girl. Not that I especially wanted to be an ACTUAL boy, I just felt I would be better as a boy. I hated everything that pointed me out as a girl - my chest, my ample butt, my mile wide thighs. But now....I'm thinking that I really like how things turned out.....I can put on the flannels and do the horse thing and dig ditches with the best of them.....and then put on a little cocktail dress with heels and chat over a glass of wine and revel in the shocked expressions of my acquaintances.......(my friends know me too well and are rolling their eyes at this poing). So yeah....maybe God did know what he was doing....

8. Sorry one more - you, my dear Blogging Buddy - are the most beautiful thing in my life! You enrich it beyond belief and I can't remember when I have felt more PART of this wonderful community that is our world. Thank you so very very much. My life would not be as beautiful without you.

9 Beautiful Bloggers

Food adventures Etc
. - My mom. Of course her and her blog is beautiful. Especially when she blogs about ice cream!

Snippets of a People watcher - my sister. Ummm.....I'm not sure I could NOT nominate her after "throwing her under the bus" in a previous post.

Sweet Horses Breath - Lazarus was diagnosed with laminitis/founder (can't remember exactly) and traditional medicine has determined that the most humane thing is the put him down. Recently (like in the last week) she has decided to try barefoot....we are all holding our breath that it works. The relationship between her and her first horse is absolutely beautiful.

- is a new blog I just found. She was at 20 MT riding the LD. I'm excited to follow her adventures and a long line of "firsts". And firsts are just darn right beautiful.

Tales of an (Unknown) Tevis Rider
- another (undisclosed) family member :). Which automatically puts her in the beautiful category.

- sorry Funder, I know AareneX already nominated you, but your blog and Dixie are too beautiful for me NOT to nominate. :)

Barbs etc. - Aside from the fact she rides in a beautiful saddle.... (full disclosure - I sold a saddle to her so of course it's beautiful!), I think she is a thoughtful rider that always has a good thought to share. I LOVE her new prospect she has coming along and I'm hoping to read the results of their first ride soon.

Go Pony
- I HAD to nominate her, after all, she and Karen were the most influential people when I decided to go to renegades. AND - pony's are beautiful....errr....cute. And their behavior and personality can be errrrr......beautiful/cute.

Horse and a Half
- Another girl who can appreciate a blog award :) Whoo hoo! She's getting ready for recognized dressage shows and honestly, what's more beautiful than a Appy's butt in a dressage ring?


  1. If by throwing me under the bus, I get an award...I'm all for it :)

  2. I really like your "beautiful" idea! I almost did mine the same way, but I just did something about 10 happy things at the end of last year, and all the stuff that makes me happy is beautiful (to my eyes). All your beautiful stuff made me smile too. :) Aren't you glad daylight savings time is next weekend? MORE SUNSHINE!

  3. aw.. thanks Mel.. now I just have to learn to blog when I have more time and can be a better writer.. one thing at a time.


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