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Friday, March 26, 2010

Endurance Challenge

This came from the Endurance Granny blog (see my sidebar).  Whew.  This is tough. 
The Endurance Challenge Game

Rules: It's harder than it looks!

Use the 1st letter of your last name to answer each of the following
questions. They have to be real places, names, things,
nothing made up. Use different answers if the person in front
of you had the same 1st initial. Have Fun!!
Following the rules answer these questions: copy and paste into a reply with your answers.

1. What is the first letter of your last name ______F___________? (now use the first letter to begin the answer to each)

2. Name an AERC Endurance Arabian:
Uggg.  To bad Forta (whom my girl is related to - thus "Triforta") is a famous race horse and not an endurance one!
My first choice was "Fullov Attitude" but unfortunately he only completed 1 LD ride.  I wanted something a bit more...spactacular.
So instead we will take a look at "Fuschia Bunny".  How cute!  She started competing the year I was born and ended her career with a finish at the Tevis cup.  Way to go!

3. A color of biothane tack:
Fuschia isn't a biothane color (yet) but it is a color...Does that count?

4. A known brand endurance saddle:
It would be so much easier to make up a brand....such as "Fantasy Comfort Endurance Saddles".  Doesn't that sound good?
After some googling this is what I found:
Fabtron (a company I've never heard of) makes an endurance saddle that at least one person at found to be absolutely fabulous.

5. The name of an Endurance ride:
Fire Mountain is (kinda) local, but "Far Out Forest" has GOT to be the most entertaining of the "F" names for rides occuring in 2010.

6. A horse feed:
"First Thunder Feeds" sold in Canada

7. A well known Endurance rider in your or other region:
(again AERC record)
Beth Felton and her Jr. Daughter who won the easy boot contest (or at least placed very high - can't remember exactly) AND I think she placed in the national Jr. AERC year end standings.  She was also one of the helpful people I met at my very first ride.  I see them every year and they are fabulous people.
Also Pat Fitzgerald.  Hall of fame recipient in 1976 (only second year it was awarded).  This is the ONLY hall of fame recipient that has a last or first name starting with F.....He had over 11,000 miles, with his last races occuring in 1986 - which were 2 100's (Tevis and Virginia City). 

8. Something to drink while racing down the trail
How about "fear-not juice".  I'm thinking my juice would be tequilia....

9. Something to eat at the awards banquet
Fig newtons.  Mmmmm....

10. Something you pray never happens:
Fistula of the wither.  Sounds awful.

11.Something you hope will:
First year vet student! 

12. Something you might say to the vet:
"Find anything?"

13. Something you shout at the start of a ride:
"Foolish mare!  Don't you know this is a 100?"


  1. Oh Melinda! You must have more time than I--I'm STILL at work at it's 7:00 p.m., I'm going to be here another 2 hours at least, then 1.5 hour drive home. Imagine if I played the game--I'd have to spend the night at the court.

  2. I'm glad this isn't a tagging meme - but if I did get tagged, I would shamelessly cheat all of your answers.

    I'm pretty sure Fabtrons are, errr, more affordable saddle choices. ;)

  3. Fabtron makes wonderful saddles, especially for gaited horses. I have one for a gaited horse that fits perfectly on my little arab. They are very comfy too!

  4. Did you get accepted to veterinary school?!? congratulations!!



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