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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What to do next?

But first....comment response!
Karen - yes it was me that ate your was probably the best tasting sandwich that I have ever tasted.  Seriously.  I still dream of that sandwich.  LOL.  EVERYONE thinks my name is Mel-something.  Melissa is a popular choice.  If someone is having issues I usually just say "call me Mel..." :)  Stairs are the BANE of my existence right now - but as I live on a second story apartment I don't have a choice.  Probably a good thing.  Making a point to muck Farley's paddock daily is helping too.
AareneX - I'm totally going to check out the product you suggested - I use Body glide, but in wet weather it tends to disappear quickly.
Everyone - yep - you are probably spot on about MY electrolytes.  I didn't even think about it.  In the hotter rides I don't worry about it because I crave salty food and I make sure I have some available.  I'll even drink V-8 juice.  Cold rides are a bit harder because cold, slimy V-8 juice does NOT appeal.  The salty egg salad sandwich and gatorade was a good choice and probably if I had potato chips that would have tasted good.....lessons learned - on cold rides make an extra effort to pay attention to my electrolytes.  The other warning sign should have been that I was drinking and drinking and drinking...but was always a bit thirsty. 
Mom - So nice of you to volunteer to be my crew and nag me to eat!  :)  Mark your calendar for Tevis and VC!  I'm finding out that my crew doesn't necessarily need to be horse savvy....just be able to order me to eat and take care of myself.
Endurance Granny - So last night I TOTALLY took your advice and pampered myself.....ate whatever I wanted, watched TV, chatted on the phone, sat in my recliner, cancelled all commitments this week.  Sigh.  what a life.  I also finally got serious about treating the rubbed spots last night after admitting that I was PAIN and the fact that they were still cracking and BLEEDING was not good.  To tell you the truth, I haven't taken a shower since Sunday....mostly because the idea of having water and salt run into the sores makes me nauseous.  I'm thinking I see a nice hot bath in my future tonight.
 OK - regular scheduled programming:
American river versus buckmeadows
Both rides are in mid-April, ~4-6 weeks before a 3 day ride I plan to do in May.  Here's the pros and cons of each.  I would love to get every-one's opinion and vote on which one I should do.....I'm not totally comfortable doing both as they are only 2 weeks apart.
American River:
  • Offers a 75 mile distance
  • I've done before and it didn't go well.  I'd LOVE to finally conquer this ride!
  • Near my family so they could come and watch and crew if they wanted
  • Technical and exciting with LOTS of single track
  • Point to point ride.
  • Opportunity for Farley to compete in another high intensity ride and learn to handle the stess. 
  • More doable if the weather is crappy.
  • Tough ride, more chance for injury.  Completion rates are not the best.
  • I would HAVE to drive home/to parents on Saturday night after the race - there is no option for staying on site.  Minimum 1 hour drive to my parents (could possibly get family member to crew and drive for me)
  • 8 weeks from 20 MT, 4-5 weeks from WW (Buckmeadows splits the time better).
  • It's a popular ride and is usually crowded.
  • I absolutely have to work on Friday a full day - won't be able to get to there super early on Friday. 
  • The ride management staff is INCREDIBLY nice and friendly and a joy to be around
  • Closer to home (but not by much).
  • Offers 2 days of 50's
  • Quiet, relaxed atmosphere - smaller ride.  Could REALLY use the support of riders to make sure this ride continues.
  • More likely to be cool if auburn/american river is having a heat wave. 
  • Splits the "time" better - 6 weeks from 20 MT, 6-7 weeks from WW.
  • Easier trail.
  • Lots of my least favorite kind of trail - wide jeep roads
  • Loops back into camp for all vet checks.  Ugg.  On the other hand...Farley could use the practice.....
  • Weather is more likely to be variable.
So what do you think?  I will definitely be doing 2-3 days of 50's at Wild West, so what ever ride I chose will be a lead into the Wild West ride, and then Tevis 2 months later.  So, do I do 2 days of relaxed 50's that are easier, or do I try a 75 that is challenging?


  1. I really need to move west where the course are more interesting and challenging. The pickings are pretty slim down here in the south.

    If I didn't have this pesky job.

  2. From the total "newb" on the block, I'd use the two fifty milers as training rides for upcoming Tevis. The nice people who put on the ride are a bonus, and helping the ride to remain viable by attending is good too. Also the reduced risk of an injury considering your loftier goal makes sense.

    Now let the non-newbs speak *LOL*


    P.S. made myself a new wish list for wet weather gear. The list never just waxes and wanes.

  3. If it's really bad, going down the stairs BACKWARD is infinitely more bearable. It has to be pretty **bad** though to make me do it at work (2nd floor here). ;)

    I think between the two rides it's really a pick-em. Both certainly have their pluses and minuses. Buck Meadows is probably the easier of the two, even doing 100 miles over two days rather than 75 over one. American River can be pretty gnarly and they generally have an unseasonable heat wave which makes it extra difficult. But it's better Tevis conditioning... See, I'm no help either!

  4. You got an email!
    Please check ;)

  5. Mel, where is Buck Meadows? Off the top of my head, I'd say more likely that I'd be there to help at Auburn, but you never know.

  6. (posting for Mel upon request)
    To: Lifeshighwaygame
    It was interesting to look through the EN edition this month that is the year book and compare the number of rides and the type of rides in each region. I was a little suprised to see that the west/pacfic southwest does NOT have the most 100's! I think the midwest had a lot. The west definately has varied terrain as long you enjoy rocks and hills...


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