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Monday, March 15, 2010

Farley's advice to Melinda

Dear human-who-brings-me-goodie-buckets:
First I would like to address the goodie buckets.  Don't think I haven't noticed that my buckets are significantly less full than they were.  How do expect me to keep my girly, plump figure on the meager rations you give me?  My goodie buckets have become.....goodie cups.  Most unfair.
Now, I have recently noticed you hopping around like a peg-legged chicken.  As a successful survivor of a SDF bow, I belive I am qualified to offer you quality advice.
Helpful advice #1:  Suck it up.  You didn't see me floundering like a one legged de-winged seagull did you?  Take a deep breath and be a big girl about it. 
Helpful advice #2:  Go for long walks.  I don't want you getting fat.  You did know you are suppose to be 160 or below with tack, right?  I'll be there every step of the way - because you WILL be bringing me.
Helpful advice #3:  Drugs and ice.  Surpass works really really well.  I'm giving you 4-6 weeks of easy work, but after that you *will* be dismounting and pulling your fair share. 
Helpful advice #4:  Not that you will follow this advice....but have you even considered going in for an ultrasound?  MRI?  Xray?  Do I need to remind you how many ultrasounds you have subject me to, even when I didn't show signs of lameness?
Your Pony


  1.'s almost as though she's channeling a bit of my snarkiness and a bit of mumsie's good advice

  2. Your pony must have been on the other line when I was giving you advice. So now it's 2 against 1. Take care of yourself like you'd take care of your Girl.


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