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Monday, February 13, 2012

Training Tips: Riding Tights

Fair warning - The real point of this post is the justify a new pair of riding tights for yours truly.  :)

How can you revitalize your riding?  Make sure you get your rides in on the days they are scheduled?  Make yourself feel like a "real" endurance rider?

It all has to do with the tights, and it comes down to one very simple rule.

Wear your tights on the days you are suppose to ride, until you get that ride in for the day.

Why should you implement this strategy today?

1.  I am more likely to ride that day because I'm already dressed for riding. 

2.  You will have to explain to people why you are wearing riding tights - you will have talked about riding so much that day that you simple MUST go riding or be exposed as a fraud.

3.  Now that you are wearing them for a substantial part of the day several times a week, they qualify as a regular wardrobe item.  You can justify buying another pair, now that you'll be spending more time in them and it doesn't seem nearly as ridiculous to spend a hundred bucks on a pair.  

4.  You can do all your regular activities in them - whether it's going to the gym or sporting them as fashion tights under a sweater.  Since I prefer the knee patch tights as opposed to full seat, I even do my runs in my tights. 

5.  I feel like a real horse person when I wear my tights.  It's a reminder that the real me awaits back in the pasture. 

6.  They are way more comfy than any other pants in my wardrobe.  And life is too short for clothes that don't feel good, cheap underwear, and non-fabulous socks. 

I have 1 pair of riding tights I REALLY like, and another pair that are doable.  Of course, the a pair I really like I getting faded and have a small hole in the thigh that has surprisingly stayed small.  I haven't bought any of my tights new - but now that I have a pair that fits perfectly, it durable, and feel SO GOOD in the saddle, I wondering whether I could possibly justify the cost?

Here's the pair I'm in love with: I have it in Carbon color with the regular deerskin patches.  $95...but I could get a pair for $55 without patches and just put my (still in excellent condition) patches on them....but my pair is still wearable and the whole point is I need ANOTHER pair of tights - not just replacements. 

Here's the pair that's just "OK"  - but they aren't quite as "bare all" since they are less shiny (so things like underwear lines and *clears throat*....cellulite.... aren't as visible).  They've held up fairly well, but I find myself pulling at them just a bit as they want to sag, and tend to pill in the high friction areas.  From the looks of the website, I'm not even sure they are in business anymore......

So what do you think?  After 6 seasons of endurance riding do I deserve a brand new pair of riding tights?  Any advice?  Should I buy a pair of tropical riders? Or continue to make due with my ragtag collection of tights - after all they still technically cover my bum well enough that I'm not being given indecency citations....


  1. Definitely time for another pair! I have an undisclosed amount of tights that I've been collecting for a while...I've used tights pretty much since I started riding, since I've ridden a lot of English and don't really love riding in jeans a ton.

    I've got several different pairs currently and others I've gone through.

    This might inspire a whole blog post of my own on reviews of tights I've worn...but right now, I love Evelyn's tights:

    I've got two pairs of them (the wild patterned ones as most recently seen on Facebook being one of them), two pairs of Toklat Irrideons, and a pair of Tropical Riders.

    Yeah, definitely inspired doing a post on this of my own...stay tuned...

  2. Try on everything at convention! Evelyn is usually there, and at least a couple vendors will have Irideons. But I think you should hedge your bets and order another pair of the kind you REALLY like, and then splurge if you like something IRL.

    My other anti-fraud device is to post on Facebook "Going riding tomorrow!" / "Gonna ride today!" I would have to hide for days if I said that and then didn't post a ride later.

  3. Of course we're all enablers! Get another pair! If you really like a certain kind, I'd stick with them. I love the Kerrits tights, and I have have many, many pair (because riding through poison oak I'm not wearing that pair until it is washed a couple times!)

    To make yourself ride: a few times a month plan to go with someone else. I found that it is more fun, no backing out, and is good for the horse too.

    my verification word is: unglypar. Don't buy any unglypar tights, buy the cute ones.

  4. I justified a second pair of Iridion tights when I started running in them. They get more complements than any purpose-designed running gear I've ever owned! Get what you love; life is too short. (This is also my rationale for SmartWool

  5. Hannah!! - A full set of SmartWool underlayers (top and bottom ) is actually what I'm going to spend my REI dividend on this year! I love their socks and you probably saw right through my sock comment and knew I was talking about smart wool....

    Glad to hear I'm not the only person that's running in my riding tights. That's one reason I think I should splurge on the Tropical riders - I can run in them and the EQ's just aren't as comfy for that.

    What the's all loan money anyways! Although I am applying for 2 jobs that should help with a little disposable income for the puppy and the horse.

    BTW....talking about underlayers. There is NO winter tight more comfy than a pair fo tropical riders riding tights + an REI silk base layer (or, I suspect, a smart wool one...). Once I figured out that little trick I was in love with the tropical riders even more - they can double as winter tights without an additional investment and REALLY do well with a second layer underneath them - they don't cause the under layer to bunch or wrinkle - again, not true of my other riding tights.

    mmm....I think I may just have talked myself into another pair of TR' the decision is what color? I love my carbon ones, but haveing 2 of the same color seems so....boring....which is decidely NOT like an endurance rider. :)

  6. Irish horse - you are so rigth about the going with another person. I actually live somewhere now where there are people that can "go the distance" at a trot that are perfect to ride with. I think I just about have my Dad guilted into riding with me at the end of the week.....and I reconnected with an old 4-H buddy in the area that has access to some property that I don't and she is a great rider with a horse so that should be fun too!

  7. I am a breeches/tights whore. I'll admit it. i have a draw full of summer breeches/tights, and a second drawer for the winter versions. And that doesn't include my two white pair of breeches for showing that stay in my show tub.

    I am currently enamored with the Irideon Cadence. I have two pair and find that I can wear in summer or winter.

    So you asking for advice from the wrong person. BUY BUY BUY!!!!!

    Karen :0)

  8. Seems like sound logic to me!

  9. I have tons of breeches in various states of disrepair. Love the tropical riders. Wish Carousels were still in business, though...


  10. Ha! My divided is earmarked for mostly SmartWool socks. We were on vacation over the weekend and stumbled into a sporting goods store that was having a great sale -- winter stuff all 50+% off -- so I am all stocked up now on shirts...which is good, because I live in those all winter. Did you know they make crazy stripy colors now? I was thrilled!

  11. I can certainly see your point about how wearing the tights until you ride would provide a certain impetus to doing it. But...I am not sure I like the thought of the looks (or comments) at work should I show up all day in a pair of riding pants! ;)

    Good luck on the guilt thing. I have been worked on by experts. Your mother is about the only one around here who has it down and I think she wants her porch this weekend!



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