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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Earrings that truly celebrate the horse

I don't own any horse-themed jewerly.  I find much of the stuff on the market way too cutsy for my taste.  And really, I'm sick of horseshoes - to me they don't represent THE HORSE and my relationship with that animal - they are just things that we stick on them in order to use them, like a saddle or a bridle. 

I did a boot fitting for a client recently and noticed her earrings.

I immediately knew I wanted a pair. 

They were silver impressions of the bottom of a horses hoof. 

I love them.  They represent exactly why I got my ears pierced - in order to enjoy art and jewelry that really means something to me. 

My client is a local artist, who makes the earrings and then sells them.  Although the earrings were priced above what I can normally afford to spend on little luxeries, I managed to scrape up enough birthday money etc. to buy myself a pair. 

The horses hoof represents to me the ultimate symbol of my relationship with the horse and distance riding.  "No hoof no horse" goes the old saying and it's true.  I can tell whether I'm feeding the right thing by looking at the hoof.  I know if we are working too hard or not hard enough.  It's one of the regular maintenance things that occurs between me and Farley.  I can tell when I worm or vaccinate, what season it is, whether she's been standing around or working. 

The hoof is a mirror of what's going inside the horse and is often the first warning that something is going wrong (or right). 

How much trust does a prey animal have to have to willingly offer up a hoof and immobilized for a spell? 

How beautiful is the horse's hoof! 

I love these earrings.  They are beautiful, elegant, perfectly balanced, not to heavy, and are by far the most comfortable earrings I've worn.  They don't catch on my hair or clothes and while I don't run or ride or sleep in them, I do wear them as an "every day" pair to office, lab, and school. 

Kat has a really nice stainless steel version of the hoof hoof as well that I really like. 

Please visit her facebook page and website!

Full disclaimer - I paid full retail price/shipping/tax on this and am doing this review/promoting the earrings because I love them, not because I've been paid or in any way compensated to do so!  :)


  1. I agree!
    Hey, I want to get Rendegades sometime next month if it works out with you.

  2. Sharlene - Sounds good. I'm going to try and visit near the middle of the month and catch up with Erin etc. I'll let you know and I'll bring the kit with me.

    I heard the wedding went really really well and that you had a fabulous outfit. I can't wait for pictures!

  3. Love them! I got one of the necklaces with the hoof medallion, since for some weird reason, most earrings interfere with my phone and disconnect calls. So I wear more necklaces than anything.


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