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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Griffin's Tack

I've bought a lot of stuff from Griffin's tack over the years and so I was saddened to see this on Ridecamp:

Henry (of Griffins Tack) suffered a stroke late last week and is back home now from the hospital, but will not be able to travel to any rides for the remainder of the year.

Donna asked to help spread the word that all of their tack will be 20% off. You can view and order at their web page:

Henry's health is uncertain at this point, and they have huge medical bills to contend with. Any support is encouraged!

If you have had your eye on something and are interested in checking out their website, it's easily google-able.

1 comment:

  1. Get him to an acupuncturist! I am an acupuncturist, and my father had a series of strokes over several days 3 months ago, culminating in full right sided loss of function. We were lucky enough to have a Dr assigned to him who allowed me to treat my father immediately in the hospital and the results were nothing short of amazing.

    He is now 90% back to normal, with just a slight speech "thickness" and some slight difficulty with his right knee, which he had fully replaced 4 years ago. The Dr said that's to be expected because the nerves were already damaged by the surgery.

    Any, if you can get the word to him to see an acupuncturist ASAP it could make a huge difference in his recovery!


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