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Thursday, August 16, 2012

"What's for lunch" post

Once again the picture doesn't do it justice....sigh.  I'm just too impatient to deal with the correct lighting and backgrounds.  After all these posts go up because I don't have the time to do a real post!

I should mention that I'm VERY lucky and live in California where fresh produce is both easy to find and relatively cheap.  My food bill is one of the cheapest bills I have, yet I look at my lunch pictures and wonder whether that's true across much of the country. 

This lunch contains:
-a kiwi
-string cheese
-Kale sauteed in butter with salt and pepper (OMG my first experience cooking Kale and the reason there isn't more in this box is because almost ate it all as it came out of the skillet)
-white fish that I smeared pesto on, and then cooked in my tabletop rotissouri.  (pretty sure that isn't how you spell it, but I curiously like how it looks like "Missouri", so we will go with it. 

This is a lighter lunch than usual, not much above 300 calories, so I threw in a pouch of applesauce (I like the ones with the twist off containers because I can eat them in class or while riding a bike) and a seseme/nut bar I got as a treat at the grocery store.  I have an exam tomorrow and I know if I don't pack some extra "goodies" I'll be tempted to get a milk shake or something else that will make me feel dreadful after I eat it on the way home. 

Endurance ride potential?  Except for the string cheese and kiwi, probably not.  I don't like cold fish, or cooked veggies that are cold.  The blueberries might be OK, but in summary that leaves me with a distinct lack of protein and an overload on milk and fruit based sugars, especially combined with the apple sauce and sweetened bar.  A peeled kiwi seems somehow very palatable for ride day.....mmmmm.....

BTW - another reason I'm posting this relates to my very-soon-to-be-completed-post on rider fittness.  Eating boxes like these was an integral part of me losing almost 10 pounds this summer and how I got fitter in less time than ever WITHOUT INJURY.  So yes, what you have for lunch affects YOU as an endurance rider.


  1. My lunch today: a tasty omelet with lots of fresh basil, tomatoes, paprika and a touch of lemon juice! No bread on the side, no cheese, just eggs and vegetables. Let's see how that works!

    Hugs from West Africa!

  2. I've been following The Primal Blueprint for one month now (I think I might have gotten the link to Mark's Daily Apple here?).

    I've lost 8 pounds, yeah! Cartman will surely be happy with a lighter rider, especially when we move up to 50's next year.

    Lunch looks pretty good, I'm not sold on the Kale yet though- still looks like a buffet table garnish to me:)

  3. This is a kiwi
    what you had is a kiwiFRUIT...

    I'm from NZ,and it just find it weird that people call kiwi fruit 'kiwi' when to me a kiwi is a rather rare bird! You're highly unlikely to even hear them in the wild, they're mostly in protected, predator free habitats :)

  4. Original name was Chinese gooseberry. Renamed after the kiwi for marketing purposes fairly recently.

  5. Yes, please don't be eating any kiwis! :P

    Really enjoying these lunch posts, making me re-think the way I think about 'meals'. Thanks! (Kale is great!!! Like spinach's more charming cousin)

  6. I love this tangent on Kiwis/kiwifruits!! And since I came to comment on kiwi(fruit)s as well...
    I love how you have all these other things....and then BAM. Giant, unpeeled kiwi(fruit). Kiwis of all persuasions are awesome. I can't wait to get some divided tupperwares to start doing this too!


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