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Friday, August 31, 2012

Video with lunch!

I decided not to use this particular video clip in a boot post I'm writing, so posting now.  It's less than 30 seconds because I took it with my phone and I have a bad habit and hitting the "stop" button with my thumb if I'm not careful.

These are new boots and since I hadn't used boots in a while I wanted to let her out in the arena for a bit.  Things got exciting later (post coming!) but this is a sweet video of her trotting around in her very very very bright boots.

You may not be able to see a brown horse in a brown arena, but you can sure see those boots!

BTW,  here's what for lunch today - another fabulous Box lunch of course!

-almond butter
-string cheese
-goat cheese
-sweet potato and cinnamon chips

A little less variety in color than I would like, and only nut protein, BUT I know with a test today I'm likely to be in a more "snacky" mood than normal for lunch and tried to tailor to that need.  Cutting up the fruit and veggies not only makes it easier to fit more volume in the section, but also helps satisfy the snacky urge.  This is something to keep in mind when packing for vet checks at a ride, since sometimes it's easier to snack than eat a more heavy meal with traditional protein sources, fresh fruit and veggies contain lots of water as well as sugar, AND the dairy included (as well as the chips and nut butter) have enough fat to keep you feeling fuller for longer on the trail.  This box is lighter in calories compared to my "typical" meal, but since I'll be do very little besides sitting and studying and driving today, that's perfect.


  1. oh my, the boots are glowing! I love them. I need to order new ones, I get so many compliments on the orange.

  2. I keep meaning to email you! Before you order new ones, talk to me - after talking to ashley I think you *might* need bigger captivators and that may solve your boot loss issues.

  3. ORANGE!

    Also: Farley is adorable, "Why leave, I likes you!"

    1. Doesn't hurt that there was a pile of hay in the arena and she was loathe to leave it, the little piglet!!!!!


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