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Monday, August 20, 2012

Tess Drama

I haven't dropped off the map - just had some Tess drama in the last day or two and haven't felt like blogging. Harley got to her again, and while the injuries are not horrible and she'll probably be fine, I had them recheck the tooth from an altercation last year.....and the news isn't altogether good - won't know until I take her into the dental service and have radiographs done.

She's not dying, she's doing fine, it isn't an emergency situation but it's a lot for me to consider and think about. I'll give you a full update (with some pictures) and details as soon as I get some studying done. You can't not study for 2 days and not feel really behind, and for my sanity I need to do some catching up before doing something as fun as blogging. :)


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