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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"What's for lunch" post

As you might have guessed these posts tend to go up when for some reason I won't be able post something more substantial.

In today's case, my calves hurt (from riding in shorts), I'm still sore from working out Tuesday, I've had a migraine since yesterday, and then to top it off, when I was preparing to toss Tess out the window this morning (screen is busted and it was a more was efficient way of letting her outside this morning, and seemed perfectly reasonable through the haze of pain) when Tess decided she could make it on her own and she jumped as I bent, thoroughly demolishing my lower lip.

So I'm not in the best of moods this morning and I'm late to work. An excellent day for a food post.

This plate runs about 700 calories and contains:

-Brussels sprouts sautéed with bacon, garlic, almonds, and red pepper

-String cheese (a tomato basil variety that is quite delicious)

-Half a red bell pepper

-A little nut based snack pack as a treat that I had in the cupboard.

Btw, today was a perfect example of a day that would not have resulted in my bringing my lunch if I didn't have this container system. I pulled the tupperware out of the drawer and knew if I filled all the compartments I would be fine. So I raided the kitchen to find stuff to fill it and ended up with a decent lunch.

Here's some more ideas

Homemade baked coconut shrimp

Shrimp and veggie spring rolls

Home made peanut sauce for dipping

-This box has more calories than usual, but it was for a travel day that I needed finger food throughout the afternoon for, and I needed these dishes eaten before I was going to be home again.

An early attempt at boxes. Figured out very quickly that I didn't need to purchase prepackaged stuff anymore because of the compartments.

-veggie straws

-Apple sauce

-Walnuts and raisins (Left hand box)

-Ready to eat tuna salad (left hand box)

-Cottage cheese (right hand box)

-Left over steak (right hand box)


Similar to another box I posted


-rice and cheese

-String cheese

-Quiche: zucchini, riccotta cheese, mint

- Wrap made with: whipped cream cheese, spinach, tomato, smoked salmon


-Walnuts with raisins

-Dark chocolate

-Bag of cut up watermelon


I'm increasingly convinced that at least for me, lunch is the most important meal of the day, probably because I eat very little breakfast (hard boiled egg and coffee). It sets up my eating for the rest of the day.


May your lunches be colorful, satisfying, and make the people around you envy you :).



  1. Very beautiful. Though, they are not technically "Tupperware" but another much more affordable brand that starts with a Z.

  2. Yeah I did name the z brand in my intro post and I've tried to use the word box ever since. But, as you could set from reading this post I wasn't terribly functional yesterday so I slipped.


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