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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer 2012 in pictures

School starts tomorrow (yes, I think it's way early accepting sympathy cards and cookies.) and while hopefully I'll still be involved with the researcher and lab that I worked for over the summer, my major involvement in the lettuce project is done. Here's a quick picture summary of Mel's fantastic, awesome, let's-repeat-this-annually, summer.

The plot of beautiful, yummy, almost harvest-able lettuce. About to get poop-ified. Mmmmm......

I would like to take this time to lament my stupidity at not majoring in the boring subject of botany. Why was I so insistent on animals? Plants stay where you put them, don't require you to wait anxiously by the phone to see how they are doing, and don't take it personally if you need to stab them with something.

The wonderful PhD student whose dissertation will contain a lot of data from this project.....

Can you see the poop? Naughty little animal! Ummm....actually that would have been me, dropping poops in the field from little saran wrap "candy wrappers".

My lab away from the lab.

Looking oh-so very scientific!

This was the major project I worked on, however there were many many others as well --> as time allows, and as those projects progress, I'll share more on what a career as a public health veterinarian might look like.


  1. Love the white suit, coupled with the Muck Boots! Weren't those very hot?

    Please tell me the PhD student isn't pipetting liquid poo out of that little container onto that beautiful lettuce!

  2. Because the project was in Salinas, the weather was so much cooler than the valley that temperature wise it was just fine. You don't want to hear that was nasty bacteria-ridden poop that was getting onto the lettuce. OK. I won't. I'll just say....WASH YOUR FREAKIN' VEGGIES! :)

  3. Quite an outfit. I can see why you are at home in an endurance ridecamp >g<

    This is fascinating stuff, Mel. I'm glad YOU are doing it, not me. I'll stick with my stack of picturebooks and my comic-crazed teen library patrons, but I love seeing your posts about your various vet projects.

    Also, regarding plants. We need to talk about zucchinis, which do NOT stay where they are planted. I've got two zuke vines trying to leap the garden fence and head for the pasture....!

  4. AareneX - you haven't seen 'nuttin yet. I have a whole new style for me and Farley's comeback. :).

  5. Hey Melinda, I just sent you an email with contact and other info on a person I met who might be a great professional contact--she's in Sacto and works for the State in environmental contamination.

  6. You look very cute in your little white suit! Also, you hair is growing out nicely :P


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