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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Publishing mistake

Publishing mistake. Sorry folks - I was composing random thoughts and hit the publish button. I was going to see if I could run some sort of statistics and see whether there were differences between people who used boots and people who didn't (times, number of miles completed before Tevis, etc.).

Crystal - My apologies - the "case in point" had nothing to do with the previous sentence but because of the draft form, it made it sound like it - My congrats were for finishing 11th (WOW) and also for using a glove through the finish. I was researching an answer to my question at the end of my last post.

thanks everyone


  1. Don't spend so much time on this, Mel! Seriously, you can find something better to do! In order to really know anything you'd have to know when each rider started using boots and how successful they were prior to using boots. If a manufacturer wants to promote a product of course they are going to seek out competent riders who are successful - that alone makes a lot of the statistics somewhat meaningless. I think it's more important to know how may horses have been helped by changing out of metal shoes - whether or not they are successful at Tevis or not, for one example....really doesn't matter. Most of us with good horses know that they will do well in spite of us and regardless of what type of hoof protection they use, or saddles, or feed. I just don't want you to get too carried away when you could be taking Farley for a walk or something that'll be more useful for both of you. :)

  2. no worries - I like playing with data and being in a hotel in alabama and not being able to sleep with unlimited internet, it was a fun project. This is my normal mode of operation, it just usually takes place off line since I don't have internet at my apartment. LOL.

    I really want to quantify what hoof boots are doing for horses and go beyond "I can tell a difference in my horse's feet and her *way* of moving". I like numbers and figures and statistics! And I want them for large groups of horses, not just individuals or self reported stories.

    I think there was a survey going around on the footware the horese were using at Tevis this year and I was going to see if there was any interesting trends. It's exciting because so many horses were booted, it's starting to approach a sample size that is workable!

    But you are right of course - too bad there's so many variables but that's the real world for you....

    I have a feeling too that most beginner endurance riders (like myself) started in steel shoes because the learning curve is less steep.

    *sigh* I hate hotel rooms. Cannot WAIT until I get home and can see Farley...24 more hours!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mel,

    I actually find this kind of stuff fascinating. Do they track such things at Tevis? Like boots used, saddle brand / model, saddle pad, type of bit, what do you feed, etc. etc. etc. It would be a lovely statistical soup to wade through :)

    LOVE to analyze. ~E.G.

  4. I love this stuff too, so as long as you're trapped in a hotel room, go for it! I really think (as you said before) anyone going barefoot, whatever their boot of choice, is doing their best to help their horses.

    On Endurance Granny's comment: there was an unscientific Tevis saddle survey a couple years ago, I have the Excel file, or you may still be able to dig it up online.


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