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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tevis Trauma (I mean Drama....) Update

I GET TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Many thanks to my co-worker and friend who stepped up to the plate to help me out, bought me lunch, and said "we are going to do this".

I was more scattered brained than a twitter bird, based on 2 hours of sleep in 48 and a lack of any thing that could be construed as food. But we did it and I can go.

Off to take a nap, nurse my headache, and pack my stuff (the horse stuff got packed last night). I'm sleeping in tomorrow and will end up in Auburn "whenever". I only have a 2 hour drive, so even if I don't leave until 8 or 9am it will be just fine.

With this much pre-drama the ride itself should go off without a hitch right?

Thanks everyone for your support.


  1. So glad - I was hoping for this outcome!

  2. They say a bad dress rehearsal means it will be a good show so I think all this drama will work in your favor in the end. GOOD LUCK!!!! I can't wait to check in for updates on you.

  3. YAAAY! I just caught your last update earlier and was hoping it would work out for you. Good luck!

  4. WOW you had me worried!!!

    SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!
    "Tears of joy"
    I'll see you friday:)

  5. Thank goodness. You were put in a completely unfair situation.

  6. I am sooo excited for you!!! I will be there and look for your number. My horse went off last week and I officially canceled my entry this morning. I've had my own drama at
    GO GIRL!!! You are a much better person than I! I would have quit my job!!!!! (But then I don't have a job!! Hahaha!!!!!!) You can sleep after the awards ceremony!!!!!
    Diana Hiiesalu Bain & Khemali'i

  7. Excellent -- I'm so glad you get to go! I'll be following you via the webcast. Good luck to you and Farley!

    Also, I sent you an email regardin the Skito pad, if it's still available.



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  9. yay!!!! I saw on the Tevis site you finished!!!!! I was worried when I checked after work and you were only at 79 miles but then I realized that the ride wasn't finished. You won! you won! (to finish is to win. You finished. Therefore, you won.) Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  10. thank you everyone for your support and congrats!!!!! It was wonderful to get home and see all this :)

    I know my first post regarding tevis was not nearly as warm and fuzzy as it should have been, but dont's coming! :)


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