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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tevis Gremlins Strike Again!

Side note: what the heck happened to my profile gadget on the side bar???? Itś not there and blogger won´t let me add it because it says itś already there.....very weird.

The Tevis Gremlins continue to focus on me rather than my horse.

Which I should be grateful for.

Iĺl try.....

***Warning! This post mentions various body fluids and is *probably* not for the squemish

The ¨back story¨
As some of you may know, my return plane flight (June) from Alabama was not exactly picture perfect. It involved me passing out and then become concious again as I puked all over the aisle, too out of it to even grab the air sick bag. Not fun, fairly tramatizing, and a little scary since this is about the 3rd time the whole passing out/puking thing has happened and I have no. idea. why. it. happens. Every 2-3 years I have an ¨episode¨.

I have been flying trouble free for a year (I fly every ~4-5 weeks for work) and had even come to enjoy it. Alas, no more! The total lack of control seriously tramatized me now all I do is stress about flying, wondering if ¨it¨ is going to happen again.

Back to the story
So.....Letś think about this - Tevis is in 9 days AND I have a recognized dressage show (triple rated) in 3 days.....AND I have to fly for work at the last minute.

Enter Tevis Gremlins

All week I´ve definately been a bit anxious about this flight. This morning I start to feel light headed, dizzy, and nauseous even before I leave the house for the airport. I kneel over the toilet and figure FINE! If I´m going to throw up, then DO IT! Because this is REDICULOUS and as much as I HATE puking, I´d rather do it at home than in the airport parking etc. Just as I´m preparing to MAKE myself throw up (something I´ve NEVER done and NEVER thought I would do) Jonah barges in. Poor, crying Jonah that knows I´m leaving and is determined to touch me and be with me at all times.

I´m not amused. I don´t need company, I don´t need the insistent meowing, and I don´t need an audiance!!

I scream at him ¨JUST GET OUT¨ and manage to slam my forehead against the bathroom counter as I attempt to shove/throw/drop kick him out and slam the door shut, and he attemps to bite/claw/meow/slobber to stay in the bathroom with me.

So now I´m throwing up AND I have a gash in my forehead that gushing blood. I feel like a bulemic teenager who tried to attempt suicide by blunt force trauma to the head.

On the way out of the bathroom I trip over Jonah who was coniving to get his fat body under the bathroom door, who meows EVEN LOUDER when I step and then stumble and then kick him (accidentally) *trying* to get OUT of the bathroom.

I haven´t packed at this point.

On the way to the airport I stop in and say hi to Farley. Feed her mash, kiss her nose, and apply fly spray.

I purposly don´t wash my hands so I can breathe the calming scent of horse and horse products as an emergency back up at the airport.

No one at the air port even notices the horse smell. They are too busy looking at my forehead.




  1. Argh.

    Stay cool, stay calm. slow down. Breathe.

    Keep us updated!

  2. Just wandered over here from Eventing-a-Gogo and wanted to say hi. So. Hi! I'm an eventer who dreams of endurance riding...hope it's okay if I stick around?

  3. Oh Melinda, I'm so sorry for laughing. I know it's not funny, but when you tell it, it is. Yes. I can see the whole thing. Especially Jonah trying to squish his fat under the door.

    Try to imagine you are a horse loading for your patient yet firm owner who would be unhappy if you started getting nervous about anything.

  4. buymeaclue - absolutely it's ok for you to stick around! :) Welcome.

    MAtt was very unhappy and could totally be the stern and unhappy owner. First things out of his mouth - I bet you didn't's work - its' too stressful.


    It WAS amusing. Seriously. You can either laugh or cry at Life and I've decided I'm much better in a comedy than a tragedy.

  5. Oh mom you are totally right! It's exactly like loading a horse in a trailer. One bad experience and it takes five good ones to make it ok again!

    Ok seriously. If farley could get over her whole trailer phobia thing I can definately handle this!

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