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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tevis - REALLY the last post

I'm #68! Follow me on the webcast and you too can laugh and cry as I finish (or not).

Go to the tevis website (, click on webcast on the right hand side bar, and watch me progress (or not!). :) Great fun....


  1. YEA GO MEL!!!!! we'll be watching and cheering you on!!

  2. Hey,
    Melinda I'v got a book you need to put in your new book blog!!!

    King of the Wind won the American Library Association's Newbery Award in 1949 and rightly so. Marguerite Henry extensively researched the life of the Godolphin Arabian, one of the three founding sires of the modern Thoroughbred racehorse. Henry weaves the great story of the horse known as Sham, and his constant companion and groom, Agba.

  3. I think I read it a long time ago, but don't remember it well enough to review it by memory. Do you have a copy I could borrow?????? I'll do that one next if I can find a copy.

  4. Just checking in to see how 2010 Tevis treated you, and after checking in on #68, it looks like a big CONGRATULATIONS are in order!! Way to go! Can't wait to read the whole story!!

  5. Hey Mel,

    I'm sorry, I meant to visit your blog before Tevis and wish you luck! But it looks like you finished! WooHoo!

    I can't wait to hear all about it!



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