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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shameless Self Promotion

My mom (author of the Food Adventures Etc. blog) and I have created a new blog called "Project: Newbery Award".

It can be found here.

We are going to attempt to read through, and comment on, the newberry award winners. The focus will be on the books that have won the Newbery Medal, however on occasion a special Newbery Honor book will also appear.

It has been a pet project of my Mom's over the last few years to collect and read through the Newbery books - the opportunity to share our Newbery musings together in blog form will make the exerience even more delightful! Our goal is not to actually BUY any of the books, but rather find them at thrift stores or garage stores, or borrow them from friends.

Please stop by and share you comments! The blog's final formatting is still under construction, but the first 2 posts are up!


  1. Western saddle collection includes barrel racing saddles, premium saddles, show saddle, green saddle, youth/pony saddles and training saddle to name a few.

  2. A very interesting project. Where you find the time for all your hobbies and interests, I will never know.

  3. Unmarried, no kids, and no real social life except what I do with my horse!


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