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Saturday, July 17, 2010

If the shirt FITS....then wear it!

Can you guys stand another product review?

Have you ever, completely by accident, discovered a product so wonderful you don’t know how you did without it?

That’s how I feel about my F.I.T.S riding shirts.

My trainer bought them new, off the sale-rack for the low, low price of 10 bucks. The tag said $60. She couldn’t wear them and must have sensed my proviclation for used, cheap clothes and ambivalence towards funky patterns (why do you think they were on the for sale rack?), and offered them to me.

I tried one on, decided it was just OK and stuffed them in my trailer for later.

The next day I wore it in the arena while helping another boarder with ground work. Mmmm….comfy.

The day after that I wore in on a canal hack. Mmmmm….it doesn’t bind.

Friday night I slept in it (amazingly comfy) and Saturday I prerode Tevis in it (100 degree day). It’s the first shirt I have EVER ridden in that I completely forgot about. It didn’t bind, annoy, move, choke, get damp, chafe, or otherwise piss me off. I had excellent protection from the sun, but also stayed cool.

After that ride, I couldn’t get enough of the two shirts.

  • I slept in them (way comfy)
  • I went to work in them (trendy, cute, modest, and very stylish)
  • I traveled in them (didn’t annoy me on the plane or in the truck)
  • I did my stable chores in them (cool AND protected from the sun)
  • I rode in them (absolutely perfect)

In fact, I can barely stand to peel them off my body to launder them. I would rather be stinky and dirty in these shirts than put on any other top in my current wardrobe.

I’ve decided to redo my entire Tevis wardrobe to accommodate these tops.

After testing and living in these shirts for 2 weeks, I can honestly say that I would ACTUALLY pay 60 bucks for them. Without batting an eye. They seem quite durable and can do anything from the office to the stable. I am cheaper than cheap when it comes to clothes, but I also know what it means when for 2 weeks, every time I grab a shirt, I find myself in a funky patterned F.I.T.S.


  1. Geez, after a review like that, I'll have to track down a FITS shirt. Where the heck is my Dover's catalog...?

  2. Here's the exact one I have:

    It's a size bigger than I normally wear, but I kind of like it loose. I'm sure I would be fine in my regular size too.

    I wasn't impressed with the feel of the fabric when I first touched it, but it is SUPRISING how wonderful it feels on my body, even after a long hot sweaty day!


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