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Monday, March 16, 2009

A brief interlude

I'm in training for work for the next couple of days, so it will be quiet.  I had a great weekend.  I saw family, got to go trail riding, and planned riding lessons for the year.  I got some VVMarchMadness miles in with Minx.  I'll give a report later this week, but I couldn't resist showing off some of the pictures.  The flowers were gorgeous.


  1. I love those trails! It looks like an equine smorgasboard. :-) Where were these taken? Very cool! Spring has sprung...:-)

  2. These pictures were taken in Yokhol Valley, which is in the foothills above Exeter, CA. Most of the land there is private property. I'm very fortunate to have family in the area that has access to some of that property! There was more flowers than I have seen in the previous 2 years. The rainfall levels must be decent this year.


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