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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Update on renegades and Farley history part 1

Well, I am absolutely swamped at work, so I haven't had a chance to get any of the pictures downloaded and the posts written. It figures that the week I have lots of exciting news, I don't have time to write it up.

Just a quick up date on the renegades - I tried them on Minx's front last night and they fit like a glove. If they had made a mold of MY horse's front feet and called them "size 2", this is how they would have fit. :) She seems very comfortable in them. Since it looks like there isn't going to be a learning curve with the front boots, I ordered hind boots today. Size 1. I have a feeling they aren't going be as perfect as the fronts so I'll probably have to do some adjusting. If they don't work at all, size 1 will fit Farley's fronts once she goes barefoot. It will be a relief to have all 4 boots, because then I'll be ready for a ride if I want to do them.

Now for Farley's history. The breeder has been very helpful. When I go back to school, there might be the opportunity to lease/sell her back to the breeder since she is interested in keeping her bloodlines in her program. I posted Farley's pedigree on (type in "TKR Triforta"). Until I started googling some of the names into google, I didn't realize how well bred she really is. Some of her really close relatives (sire, aunt etc.) are fairly well known. She also has some well known endurance names in her back ground.

Here's excerpt from the e-mail correspondence between the breeder and I. Below, the regular font is the breeder, the italics are my response.

... she was started at the track was too immature at 3, so put her on pasture & ended up breeding her instead of returning her to the track the following year. she had a colt... her pedigree is racing & endurance. she has 3 crosses to the polish mare forta (including tail line). think forta still holds the record (globally/all breeds) for producing the greatest number of race winning get.... the only non-pure polish on your mare's pedigree was via finito, my stud. his dam goes to wazir's karahman a full bro to karaty (sp?) that won the tevis 2-3 times (i think with bc)& set records on that ride. think he is/was in the breed hall of fame. finito, has produced a bunch of race winners/top 5 state & halter winners. mira-finisz, finito's sire was a u.s. top ten pleasure driving, canadian national top 20 eng. pleasure + over 20 regional/resv awards in performance...

Triforta is turning out to be quite a nice little horse and I was just curious what her background was...Very sweet, sensible horse. Safe enough to plunk a beginning rider on, but competitive in a race situation. Takes care of herself during a race. She's a 100 miler horse. We'll either do our first 100 at the end of this season or the beginning of next. She can MOVE. HUGE trot....

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  1. In case anyone saw part 2 and was confused on why I removed it - for the next part I'm going to paraphrase what the breeder said instead of posting it as quotes. I didn't get permission from the breeder to quote her in a public forum like this, so I feel uncomfortable continuing to do it past this initial post....So, look for the revised part 2 tomorrow.


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