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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

VV rides revisited

Has anyone visited and checked out the very virtual rides? I talked about the VVMarchMadness ride here. If you have recieved your March Endurance News (AERC puplication) check out Flora Hillman's article.

I haven't gotten as many miles as I would like yet. Specifically I have ridden 11.38 miles this month (doesn't count arena or days I did ground work). Doing a 65 mile race the day before the VV ride started and ending up with a slightly lame horse doesn't give a lot of opportunity to get the miles in! It's still fun and I have to admit it's encouraged me to get out to the stable and ride more often. Or at least made me feel slightly more guilty when I give up a riding weekend to play with a puppy. :) The ride on 3/2/09 never would have happened if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to log some miles! Getting into the saddle 2 days after the 65 on a 16+ hand horse was interesting.

The best part about these virtual races is that everyone uploads their tracks/trails to google earth (this is how you get credit for your mileage). Either using a GPS or hand drawing the trails is acceptable. Using Google earth, you can see exactly what trails other endurance riders are using to train on. You may even find a new riding location near you.

It's very simple to participate in this virtual race. The point is to encourage everyone to get outdoors and ride, and document the trails they are using. All of us are already doing (or should be doing) the conditioning miles to do endurance. Why not sign up and be part of something?

Let me know if you are interested and want more information. I can walk you through the process. I think I'm going to try and link my virtual "vet card" to this blog so that people can follow along if they would like. It's really quite pitiful right now :(


  1. YES- very motivating!! I've been excited to sign up in the past- but the weather here just 'stinks!!' Might be more motivating if I knew others out there we're 'sucking it up' -getting out & riding- the ground is hard, but slick on top... (sigh)

    I love viewing everyones maps though-

    Love your blog-

  2. I read in your description that you are a "fair weather rider". I am too :) The difference is I'm in California which means a lot more "fair weather rides"!. If it is at all windy I tend to wimp out....Hopefully your weather gets better soon.

    Thanks for the compliment. I read over my blog sometimes and wonder how ANYONE could possibly be interested in reading about my life (which is why I wince everytime a journal entry goes up instead of an educational one).

    On the flip side I am VERY interested in reading everyone else's blogs and their journey's with their endurance horses. Does that mean I'm nosey? LOL.

    By being part of the blogging community and reading other endurance rider's blogs, I feel more a part of the endurance community, even when I can't make it to rides. It's great!


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